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SHIKIZAKURA’S NEW PV- Coming Of Age Anime Releasing This Fall

The new coming of age anime, Shikizakura, is written by Naruki Nagakawa and directed by Shinya Sugai. It is scheduled to debut in October 2021. It just released a new promotional video, which will captivate viewers with just a glimpse. The story revolves around an average high schooler, Kakeru Miwa. He discovers that the human world intersects with the spirit world, leading to a battle with monsters known as “Oni.”

Kakeru, along with other members of the power suit team, achieves their strength by wearing “Yoroi”, powered suits built with ancient secrets and the latest technology. They battle onis to shield the shrine maiden, Ouka myojin, destined to save the world.

Watching the PV is enough to believe that the action scenes will be remarkable and will keep viewers hooked till the end. It is shown that each power suit possesses a particular superpower. Goosebumps are guaranteed when the team members wear their power suits to fight against the ones to save humanity. The characters seem to be intriguing as well.

The thing about action animes is that sometimes they miss out on the plot. A good action anime has to include a promising storyline with the action scenes—Attack on Titan or Jujutsu Kaisen are good examples of that. Although we dont know for sure yet, it appears that Shikizakura will surprise us with both.

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The PV also proves that the animation is going to be incredible too! Along with the great energy and storyline, we will also receive a good playlist. The opening song is called “BELIEVE ME” by Asaka, and the outro is called “shikizakura” by May’n
This sublimation studio anime will be a significant hit once it broadcasts. Excitingly, this anime will also receive a manga adaptation, written by Mayato Aoki.

Undoubtedly this anime, once released, will attract many spectators, especially viewers who prefer action anime. Every aspect of this show seems to be astounding. The action scenes, animation, plot, characters all appear to be very interesting, which in turn triggers the curiosity of the viewers. I suggest to all the anime viewers be ready with pillows and popcorn cause they are in for a treat this October!

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