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Shenmue A Revenge Story All Set To Debut In 2022!

Image: Crunchyroll

Every year thousands of animes get ready to make their debuts, hoping to win the hearts of their audiences. However, only some are able to truly get the attention they deserve. One of these head-spinner animes that is surely a story that our readers need to keep an eye out for is Shenmue. Shenmue is an original Japanese anime television series that is being headed by none other than the fantastic Telecom Animation Film Studio that has time and time again set the bar pretty high for both itself and its competitors and is most popularly known for giving the world series like Lupin the third, Detective Conan, Bakugan and many more. The anime series is actually based upon the popular game of the same name which was made and produced by none other than Sega. Therefore, with big names such as these under its belt, it comes as no surprise that the expectation towards the show is immense.

Plot Introduction


Image: Crunchyroll

The story of  Shenmue revolves around the life of a young martial artist named Ryo, who after tragically witnessing the murder of his father in their family dojo, is left shell-shocked and brokenhearted. Therefore, with revenge in his heart, Ryo completely changes his life and vows to find the man responsible for killing his father in cold blood.

The series showcases how Ryo travels to various lands in the search of the man and his ascendence into a dark path because when you look at the darkness the darkness looks back. However, much to his horror the young man on the path to revenge soon realizes, that some unseen forces are at work, forces that do not belong to this world. Will Ryo be able to find the man who took everything away from him? Will he be able to defeat the man strong enough to kill his father? Make sure to watch the series and find the answers for yourself.

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Shenmue Season 1 – Everything We Know So Far


Image: Crunchyroll

The plot of the series, makes one thing clear at least, that Shenmue is in no way going to be an ordinary story and we are glad to tell the fans that the wait is finally over. In the recent announcement by its creators, the show is all set to make its big debut in 2022 and season 1 of the series is expected to contain a total of 13 episodes. Although no release date has been confirmed as of yet, the producers of the show have recently released a new teaser trailer, the link to which is attached below!

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