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Sasaki And Miyano A BL Story Coming This January

Love is a feeling that comes in all shapes and sizes. A feeling that happens in a moment, an instant and one of the best portrayals of what true love really looks like is the upcoming story Sasaki and Miyano Yaoi Anime. Sure, you know, animes tend to have a lot of sugarcoating and less than realistic themes, but still, it’s always heartwarming to see our protagonist’s dynamic with each other while we single people wallow in our sad and pathetic tears.

I think anyone who’s read Shō Harusono’s BL manga had pretty much guessed that this story needs and deserves its own anime adaptation and here we are, ladies and gentlemen, to see the lovely duo of Sasaki and Miyano on-screen, finally! With the world getting more and more modern about its views and accepting of other people and their sexuality, it’s pleasing to see the anime industry, which holds soo much influence over these sensitive topics rising up to the game and making a point.

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The story of the series, although quite simple, is really heartwarming, sweet and intense to witness. The show’s plot revolves around a young high-schooler named Miyano. Miyano’s life is well pretty hard; the young teenage boy is constantly teased and made fun of due to his feminine looking face, because of which he has developed a lot of complex issues, especially about his masculinity. However, this all changes when he catches the eye of the notorious senpai named Sasaki from his school.


As cheesy and simple the plot may sound, the author Shō Harusono has done a commendable job in highlighting extremely sensitive topics on bullying and sexuality with extreme care, making it a lot easier for the audience to empathise with the emotions of the protagonist. This Yaoi love story that starts off quite wildly will surely leave you clenching your chest and make you wish for a similar experience.

Therefore, if you’re looking to watch an amazing anime that will captivate your heart, then we have good news for you because Studio Deen has officially announced that season 1 of Sasaki and Miyano is all set to make its big debut on your screens in January of 2022. Although a concrete release date hasn’t been announced yet, a new teaser trailer of the series has been recently released. Therefore, make sure to watch the brand new teaser trailer of Sasaki and Miyano (link attached below)  and experience first-hand what’s waiting for you this January!





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