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Sanpei Shirato ‘s Death Leaves Manga Industry In Shock!

Sanpei Shirato was a well-known Japanese manga artist who is most recognized for his work on the Legend of Kamui series. Recently, news broke on the internet that shocked and saddened everyone. Sanpei Shirato, a manga artist, recently passed away. The announcement came as a complete shock to the manga industry. Therefore, Fans all over the world have prayed for his soul to rest in peace.

When Did The news come out?

Mangaka had a challenging year in 2021. We’ve lost a lot of legends this year, and it’s only getting worse. On October 25th,2021, Shogakukan revealed that Sanpei Shirato had passed away on October 8th,2021. Tetsuji Okamoto, his younger brother, also died on October 12th. They were both brothers. Both of them died of pneumonia. However, the family kept the death a secret for some time to arrange private funerals. Manga fans have been saddened by the sudden demise since, in addition to the manga, they also connect with the creator or writer of the manga, as these artists are the genuine gems behind it.


More About Sanpei Shirato!

Sanpei Shirato was born in Tokyo. His real was name Noboru Okamoto. He died at the age of 89, leaving the manga world in a state of mourning. Beginning in the 1950s, the author released Kagemaru Den, Sasuke the Little Ninja, and Kamui Den, among the most well-known and well-known manga, and became a valid reference point for all following mangaka generations. Also, he was one of the most influential creators of gekiga manga in Japan throughout the 1960s.

Also, many of Shirato’s works have been remade into anime series and films, and he was universally loved. His work has received a lot of appreciation to this point. A gem like him will indeed continue to live on in the hearts of mangaka, and we pray that the legend may rest in peace.

The Legend Of Kamui: Best Work Of Sanpei Shirato!


Sanpei Shirato‘s best and most important work was The Legend of Kamui. The manga was published in 1987 and was well-received all over the world. The manga portrays a low-born ninja who has run away from his clan. Shirato’s Marxist ideals are reflected in the series, which combines historical adventure with social commentary and themes of oppression and struggle. Furthermore, The Legend of Kamui was made into an anime series. Also, many other mangas were loved and became well-known and will live on in the hearts of fans forever.

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