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Sakamoto Days Chapter 23: Release and Read Online!

Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days Chapter 23 is coming our way! The next-gen manga is a very fun-to-read series, and so it is being adopted widely. Now, chapter 23 of the story will be out soon. But when? What do we know about the manga’s scheduled release? Read on to find out.

Sakamoto Days is a shonen manga that went underprint in November 2020. Now, in only a few months, it has earned quite a status. The manga centers around Tarou Sakamoto, a pro assassin until he fell in love one day. Sakamoto retired and settled down, living quietly as a convenience store owner. However, his past as a hitman dangers his family. Now, with the help of Shin an esper and his employee, he must protect his family.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 23 Release Date

Chapter 23 will release on time. So, the new chapter will not be delayed and will be out as scheduled. Hence, the new chapter will be out on 16 May as per schedule. Only four days remain to the release. The last chapter left many questions, and we hope to get some answers.

Where Can We Read Sakamoto Days?

VIZ Media has licensed the English version of the manga. However, Shueisha publishes the manga, and it is available on Mangaplus. For readers on the go, head to the Mangaplus app. However, you will need a premium plan for both these platforms to read all chapters. With the free account, you can still read the latest three chapters.

Previously On Sakamoto Days Chapter 22


A Raw Scan from the manga ‘Sakamoto Days’ (Image: Pinterest)

In chapter 22 we saw the duo confronting a dinosaur that appeared suddenly. Fans wonder how it came to life and what’s up with it? How could it surpass all physical limits and what exactly provoked it? So fans hope that all these questions will be answered in the next chapter of Sakamoto’s story. The series is published by Yuto Suzuki. The manga first came out as a one-shot titled Sakamoto in Shueisha’s Jump GIGA on December 26, 2019. After this, the manga debuted in the Weekly Shonen Jump in 2020 November. Its first tankoban volume in April 2021.


Only a few days remain till chapter 23 of Sakamoto Days. Readers are overwhelmed with the news as they get to know more about the mysterious dinosaur. Sakamoto Days is a relatively new series but it has already set hearts on fire. Now, fans wait wide eyed for new chapters of this action-comedy series.



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