Sakamoto Days Chapter 18: Release Date and Updates

Sakamoto Days cover image
Sakamoto Days cover

What happens when a killer assassin decides to turn over a new leaf? With all things deadly, a hilarious series of events unfolds in the manga series – Sakamoto Days. Written by Yuto Suzuki, this action-comedy series is absolutely priceless. Published by Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump, the series is already very popular. Read this article for Sakamoto Days Chapter 18 Release Date and Updates.

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Taro Sakamoto: Manga

The story is about a retired hitman, who once fell in love and is now living an ordinary life with his family. However, his peaceful time with his family is interrupted by a string of pursuers and old foes. Sakamoto may be old, but he has definitely not forgotten his touch. As a legendary assassin, he must protect his wife and daughter and continue his life as a normal person. With the many obstacles hindering his way, how will Sakamoto fair? Keep reading to find out!

Picture of Lazy Sakamoto
Sakamoto Days; Chapter 1

Sakamoto Days Chapter 18 Release Date

The latest chapter, Sakamoto Days Chapter 18 is scheduled to release on 4th April 2021. The chapter will include another hilarious episode of Sakamoto’s encounter. The new assassin, Heisuke is here to take Sakamoto’s life. However, hungry and desperate, he seems to be a really dumb person seeking help from his target. With things taking their course, money seems to be the real point of conflict. The air tournament is where the story will proceed from. Sakamoto and Heisuke both need the prize money. But who will win the game? Find out in Sakamoto Days Chapter 18.

Where to read Sakamoto Days For Free?

With the latest chapter releasing on Sunday, 4th April 2021, Sakamoto Days will be available on the official Shōnen Jump website. The latest chapter will also be available on Viz and Mangaplus. These are the two sites where you can access the latest releases of various mangas at the earliest. Read your favorite mangas for free without having to pay a penny!

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