Russia Banned Isekai Manga and Anime

Isekai Anime
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It is a subcategory of genre fantasy for all those who aren’t aware of what Isekai is. People worldwide are a fan of fantasy storylines as it proves to be a great escape to the real world. But not all think in the same way. Russia has banned the streaming of Isekai manga and anime in their country for the most bizarre reasons known. Please keep reading to know what explanations the president of the country have for its people.

Why Russia Banned Isekai Manga and Anime

According to the Russian government, the Isekai shows the concept of reincarnation and makes its viewers belive that the afterlife or the life after death is way more interesting that they are living right now. The banned titles include Konosuba, Zombie Land Saga, and That Time I Reincarnated As Slime, and many more.

On Monday, Russia banned five titles in a district court stating the federal Russian laws to protect children from harmful information. As per the government there the whole point of Isekai is misleading children into a belief that the afterlife is more interesting and enjoyable than they are living now.

Isekai Anime
Isekai Anime
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A board of experts have sat together and viewed the matter inside out and came to a conclusion to ban the genre. They also said that some of the material in the banned titles were also related to pornography though the government didn’t disclose the titles or scenes with such material.

This is not the first time Russia is doing something off-track Death Note was also banned for realizing in the country as it violated the rules set up by the Russian government. There are almost 231 long comment discussions on Reddit, and other platforms are also debating on the latest news.


Though Russia has banned the streaming of anime, including reincarnation and a handful of host sites showing them, there are some sites showing piracy of the shows, and the Russian government is looking into it to irradicate the concept of total reincarnation from their country

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