RIP Director and Animator OSAMU KOBAYASHI

Osamu Image: otaquest

The anime industry mourns the loss of its ace director animator, scriptwriter, and whatnot, the new and only legend Osamu Kobayashi. As claimed by some of the reports in Japan, he took his last breath on April 16, 2021. Lovers of his masterpieces are still in shock and lamenting such an inevitable loss.

Glimpses of Great Work of Kobayashi

Naruto work of Kobayashi
Image: unotv

If you guys cannot recognize Osamu by his name no worries, you may know him for his work. He was the director of BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad. His other big works include the gigs that were on Rinshi! Ekoda-chan. Not forgetting his triumph work Naruto. The overwhelming response of these shows portrays us what a man Kobayashi was. His latest work was in 2019 on none other than Dororo.

Cause Of Death

Osamu Kobayashi died at 57 on April 16, 2021, battling for his life from cancer. He told his fans that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer two years ago. He lost his ongoing battle from cancer of the kidney and went for eternal rest. The heart drenching news was out from his official Twitter account and it is assumed that a close one posted it on his behalf

the tweet translates as ‘I left for heaven last night. I’ve been fighting kidney cancer for two years, but unfortunately, I’m exhausted… I’m sorry that I still had something I wanted to do and the work I wanted to do. I’m sure I’ll be reborn and make good work! Adios. From the eternal 23-year-old.’

Tribute To The Legend

Mike and Osamu
Mike and Osamu Image:

As soon as the news of the demise of Mr. Osamu Koboyashi went viral, fans of his work flocked together on all social media sites and grieved for the loss. No one wants to believe what they heard or read. Here are some of the words by his fans 9gag on their official Twitter account thanked him for making everyone’s childhood awesome; well-known Mike Toole said that he was too young to die and wished that he could see more of his style. The official Catsuka tweeted about the death along with the retweet of Osamu’s last tweet. Fans worldwide on all the social media platforms mourned the death and went their hearts out.

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