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Rent A Girlfriend Episode 7: How Far Will Chizura And Kazuya Go!?

Rent A Girlfriend is a romantic comedy with a twist. Many romantic anime have been produced. However, Rent A Girlfriend stands out a bit then all those. If someone gets bored in the romantic genre of anime, there is a chance they might like this anime. Moreover, in the last episode, we saw Kazuya and Chizuru meeting Ruka. Ruka also works in the Rental girlfriend app. What happened next? Will Chizuru and Kazuya fall in love? Let us find out. And also know the release date of Rent A Girlfriend Episode 7.

When will Rent A Girlfriend Episode 7 release?

The last episode aired on August 15, 2020. The airing time of the episodes is 1:25 AM (Japan Standard Time). Also, the episodes are premiered on Sunday every week. However, according to your region of residence, the airing time will differ. You can find out by calculating the time difference.

The next Rent A Girlfriend Episode 7 will be releasing on August 22, 2020. The episode 7 will air at 1:25 AM (JST).

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 7
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Previously on episode six

Kazuya has not told his friends about Chizuru being his rental girlfriend. Therefore, his friends think that things between both are going well. Moreover, Kazuya’s ex-girlfriend is jealous about the fact. Chizuru and Kazuya look happy with each other then after both went on a date! Chizuru told Kazuya to follow the rules. He has to stay honest. However, Kazuya deep down thinking about perfect Chizuru. He is falling for her. After the date is over, Chizuru thanks Kazuya.

The next day Kazuya meets his friend Kuri. He tells Kuri about Chizuru. Kuri asks Kazuya whether he and Chizuru would like to go on a double date. On a double date, Kazuya meets Kuri’s girlfriend, Sarashina Ruka. She is beautiful and hot, just like Chizuru. Kazuya can not believe Kuri got a girlfriend like her. After the date is over, Ruka asks about Chizuru. She tells if Chizuru is not rental then Kazuyaa and Chizuru must kiss! However, while a kiss Mizuhara puts her hand in between. However, Ruka asks to kiss again a they did not do it properly.


Kazuya manages to come out of the situation by telling Chizuru needs to go. Kazuya then drops Ruka and Kuri at home. Ruka again asked Kazuya about Chizuru. But, Kazuya stayed shut. Although he was falling in love with Chizuru! 

Where to watch?

The episodes of Rent a Girlfriend, can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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