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RE-MAIN Episode 3 Delayed! Find Out The New Release Date

RE-MAIN, a brand new anime introducing the sport of water polo, has sadly delayed the release of their upcoming third episode. This brand new show that has earned a 9.1/10 rating from IMDb, (yes believe it or not! ) is truly making a lot of heads turn. We all know how a great sports anime can become pretty addictive. I mean, just look at the fan base of Haikyu!! And Diamond No Ace. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that fans are awfully disappointed about this unforeseen delay.

That is exactly why we’re here to calm our readers and let them know all the details. For our readers who don’t know, The show features the life of an amazing water polo player Minato Kiyomizu, who wakes up from a coma after 203 days only to lose the memories of the past three years of his life. However, despite losing all of his memories, Minato remembers water polo, However only the rules. This amazing show with an extremely unique plotline will highlight the rise of a fallen star, which we cannot wait to begin watching!

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The third episode of the show that was supposed to be released on the 18th of July has been delayed an entire week and will now get released on the 24th of July.

RE-MAIN that has been brought to you by none other than MAPPA has been delayed due to the broadcasting of The 149th British Open Golf Tournament. Not to mention, MAPPA that has featured absolutely stunning animation in the show, is also having a little bit of trouble in paradise, and therefore, the delay was inevitable.

However, the delay of the new episode doesn’t mean that it’s being canceled! In fact, this just makes the entire series even more interesting. With mangas like Haikyuu finished, I think it is safe to say that the world of anime can use yet another brilliant sports drama! Will RE-MAIN live up to its hype, or will it get shelved just like a million others? Make sure to watch the entire series and find out!

Where To Watch RE-MAIN Online?

Image: Crunchyroll

You can watch all the latest and upcoming episodes of RE-MAIN in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on sites like Crunchyroll and Viz-Media. However, if you want to enjoy even more perks like no-ads and watching the latest episodes an hour after their original release, then make sure to buy their premium subscription packages. A premium subscription not only gives you a wonderful experience but also goes a long way to support your favorite content creators.

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