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Princess Principal Crown Handler 2nd Chapter Preview

The dangerously kawaii spies are back, this time, with a more significant challenge to face. Bandai Namco has posted a ten-minute preview for Princess Principal Crown Handler Chapter 02. The preview was released on September 27th, 2021, and it revealed the plot of the movie. Ange and Princess Charlotte will have to work hard this time to solve this case. However, their friends will be there to lend a hand. The risks are high, and the issue is too important to ignore. This time, we’d get to see our favorite spies solving two cases simultaneously.

Princess Principal:

Princess Principal is a wholesome spy action franchise with multiple mysteries. The anime had an excellent run from July 9th, 2017, to September 24th. It released 12 episodes in total and continues the storyline with movies named Princess Principal Crown Handler.

The story takes place in the fictional country of Albion. Albion monopolized a new material, Cavorite, to gain world dominance. However, its ignorance of the lower class leads to an uprising. The uprising was called the London Revolution, which conclusively divided the country into The Kingdom and The Commonwealth. Princess Principal Crown Handler follows the adventures of some spies from the Commonwealth, who went to abduct and replace the princess. However, the princess herself offered her help to overthrow the country. Their adventures continue afterward with this new addition.

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The 5 Spies of Princess Principal:

The Princess Principal anime or the movies Princess Principal introduces us to a group of five female spies. Namely:

  1. Ange:

    Ange is the leader and the most skilled spy of the five. She’s just 17 but has achieved a lot at her age with her excellent lying skills as well as lie-detecting skills. Ange is also revealed to be the actual princess of the Albion. Ange is also the user of a stolen prototype of Cavorite technology. With this, she could change the magnitude of gravity itself. Let’s see how Ange uses this technology in the Princess Principal Crown Handler 2nd Chapter.

  2. Princess Charlotte:

    The fourth in line for the succession of the throne of Albion is the second on the list. Charlotte is a noble, kind-hearted 17-year-old girl. Her genuine desire is to be the Queen and erase the distinctions between the royals and fellow citizens. She wants to reunite the country, and Princess Principal Crown Handler’s second Chapter leads her to the goal.

  3. Dorothy:

    Dorothy is the eldest of the group and the most fun of them all. Dorothy has faced a hard childhood. She used to be called Daisy McBean, but she fled home after her mother died. Dorothy loves to drink wine and enjoy her life. While she’s just 20, she is the most reliant one in the group. Let’s see how she’ll use her skills in Princess Principal Crown Handler’s second Chapter.

  4. Beatrice:

    Beatrice is the extraordinarily skilled mimic artist of the group. She’s a 15-year-old scion of a prestigious family who has served royalty for many years. Beatrice is Princess Charlotte’s aide and significant addition to the group. Her mimic skills would be beneficial for the group in Princess Principal Crown Handler’s second Chapter.

  5. Chise Todo:

    Every group needs an action-packed member. Chise is the sword of the group that joined them during an ongoing mission. The 16-year-old has tremendous agility and perception. Her samurai skills would be exciting to watch in the Princess Principal Crown Handler second Chapter.

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Princess Principal Crown Handler Chapter 2:

With the first one released on May 6th, 2021, the second one isn’t too far for the International audience. Princess Principal Crown Handler’s second Chapter was released on September 23rd for the Japanese viewers only, but its international release has been delayed due to the pandemic. No release date has been announced, but we expect it to be released this year only. On September 27th, 2021, the official Bandai Namco YouTube Channel released the first 10 minutes of the movie.

Preview Of Princess Principal 2nd Chapter:

Bandai Namco uploaded a 10-minute video of Princess Principal Crown Handler 2nd Chapter. The preview introduced a new weapon, “The Caberlight Bomb.” It’s able to destroy warships in an instant. Three of the commercialized shots have been stolen and are currently in the Kingdom. On the other side of the country, Prince Richard(3rd highest successor) is shot. The crew has to investigate these incidents and the connection between them.


The Cast of Princess Principal Crown Handler 2nd Chapter:

  • Ange: Aoi Koga
  • Princess: Akira Sekine
  • Dorothy: Yo Taichi
  • Beatrice: Akari Kageyama
  • Chise: Nozomi Furuki
  • L: Takayuki Sugou
  • 7: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Dolly Shop: Hiroyuki Honda
  • Colonel: Takumi Yamazaki
  • Duke of Normandy: Takaya Hashi
  • Gazelle: Yuko Iida
  • Edward: Teruyuki Tanzawa
  • Mary: Rina EndoR
  • ichard: Kazuyuki Okitsu

The Staff of Princess Principal Crown Handler 2nd Chapter:

  • Director: Masaki Tachibana
  • Series composition / Screenplay: Noboru Kimura
  • Character draft: Kouhaku Kuroboshi
  • Character design: Yukie Akiya, Kimitake Nishio
  • Animation director: Kimitake Nishio
  • Concept art: Sixty-seven quality
  • Mechanical design: Fumihiro Katagai
  • Researcher: Seiichi Shirotsuchi
  • Setting cooperation: Hayami Rasenjin
  • Prop Design: Akizuki Ryo
  • Music: Yuki Kajiura
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Art Director: Miho Sugiura
  • Art settings: Morihito Ohara, Yuho Taniuchi, Go Taniguchi, Noboru Jitsuhara.
  • Color design: Yuko Tsumori
  • HOA (Head of 3D Animation): Tri-slash
  • Graphic art: Hirofumi Araki
  • Cinematographer: Yu Wakabayashi
  • Edit: Tsuyoshi Sadamatsu
  • Animation production: Actus
  • OP theme: “LIES & TIES” Void_Chords feat. Yui Mugino
  • ED Theme: “Nowhere Land” Ange (CV. Aoi Koga), Princess (CV. Akira Sekine), Dorothy (CV. Hajime Daichi), Beatrice (CV. Akira Kageyama), Chise (CV. Nozomi Furuki)
  • Distribution: Showgate

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