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Police In A Pod Anime Adaptation Releasing In The Spring Of 2022!

Tired of always watching the extremely tiring shounen anime? And all those romantic comedies that constantly remind you of how single and lonely you are? Then Police In The Pod, a show about two female officers solving cases and doing their jobs while becoming the best of friends, is the perfect anime for you!

We all know that even the toughest of punishments in school would become enjoyable as long as we had our friend on our side. No amount of haunted stories could ever fade away the adventurous spirits of our hearts as long as we had our friends beside us. The story of Police In A Pod is also about the unlikely friendship of two female police officers forming a duo despite their quite different and often conflicting personalities.

The story of the show revolves around Seiko Fuji, a young police academy graduate extremely passionate about her job who gets transferred to the Machiyama Police Box and her newfound partner Mai Kawai. Whereas on one hand, we see Seiko who is passionate and patriotic about her job, However, on the other hand, we see Mai who is a police officer just for the sake of it. Mai doesn’t find any happiness in doing whatever she’s doing except the paycheck that comes at the end of the month. Therefore, her callousness about her job and Seiko’s sense of duty makes their personality and thoughts polar opposite.

Image: Madhouse

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Now, in spite of having such different thoughts and views about their jobs, both the women must now find a way to work together as a team and solve the crimes presented in front of them. However, as we all know, opposite poles attract, both the girls, begin to get closer to each other and find a way to understand each other.

Thanks to its cult fan base, this award-winning manga has finally managed to gain some reputation, and after a long wait to the fans, is getting the much-needed anime adaptation! The anime adaptation of the show being led by none other than Madhouse itself will raise a lot of eyebrows because its unique story, comical relationships, and mysterious cases will make Police In The Pod one of the best shows to come out next year. That’s right, season 1 of Police In A Pod is all set to get its big release next year in the Spring of 2022. Make sure to watch the anime’s trailer (link attached below) and find out what the show is really all about!



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