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Ousama Ranking The Cutest And Bravest King Coming Into Our Lives This October!

Whenever we think about the past and the royal lives of the kings and the queens, the princes and the princesses, we all begin to sort of develop a feeling of envy among ourselves, thinking, “I wish I had a life like that.” However, is being a member of the royal family really that easy? The story of Ousama Ranking answers this question of us poor peasants pretty amazingly. The beautiful story of a young prince will make you grateful for everything that life has given you as it portrays the cruel and harsh judgment faced by even the royals.

Th plot of Ousama Ranking revolves around a young prince called Bojji. Now, under normal circumstances, Bojji would have been loved and adored by the people and the lands far and wide; however, the reality of Bojji’s life is unfortunately quite harsh. The harsh truth about Bojji is that he was born deaf and pretty weak and timid. However, what makes things even more complicated is that he is the first in life to inherit the throne.

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Due to his special condition and powerlessness, as he is not even strong enough to wield a child sword, Bojji’s daily life is no lesser than a nightmare, being the topic of discussion and gossip in the royal household and the very people of his kingdom. Now, under normal circumstances, this would make any child of Bojji’s age extremely sad and leave them with many issues. However, Bojji is different; despite being the topic of laughter almost constantly, Bojji holds the dream to one day become the greatest king the world has ever seen. This cheerful spirit in life is what helps Bojji in befriending the most unlikely thing you will imagine, a Shadow! Bojji’s sudden encounter with this weird creature who is able to understand him better than anyone else leads the lonely shadow and Bojji to form an unlikely friendship of a lifetime. Now both Bojji and Kage (shadow) must find a way to deal with the cards they’ve been dealt in life together, and as we all know, no journey is too long when we are with our friends!

Therefore, if you’re looking to watch something wholesome that is going to fill your heart with cotton candy and sunshine with a dash of cuteness, then you absolutely cannot miss Ousama Ranking. The anime series is being produced by none other than the Wit Studio and is going to 100% win your heart and fill your life with joy a lot more than you could have ever imagined. Therefore make sure to not miss out on the brand new anime series Ousama Ranking hitting the big screens this October.


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