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Ousama Ranking Episode 6 Bojji And Kage Vs The Knights Of The Underworld

In episode 6 of Ousama Ranking, we see Bojji and Kage in the realm of the king of the underworld, who it turns out is none other than the second most powerful king, king no. 2 named Desha.

After Bojji and Kage manage to survive the cursed gas, the king of the underworld asks them the purpose of their visit, and when Kage tells him that they’ve come to make Bojji stronger, the king makes fun of them.


Calling Bojji weak and a disgrace in the name of the son of the great King Bosse, Kage urges King Desha to give Bojji a chance to prove himself. Therefore, King Desha asks Bojji to fight against the captain of his knights, the strongest order of knights in the entire world.

The captain of the knights is apprehensive at first to strike a blow against such a weak and gentle child. However, is left surprised when Kage urges him to attack Bojji and is absolutely shocked by his dodging skills, surprising everyone around him.


However, as expected King Desha is left unimpressed and asks Bojji how he’s going to defeat his opponents by just simply dodging. The king tells Kage that it is impossible to make Bojji strong and that he lacks an inherent talent that one must possess.

However, that is when Kage remembers to hand him the letter of recommendation given to him by Bebin, which the king tears apart after reading and asks Bojji and Kage to leave.

Both of them are left absolutely brokenhearted by this outcome and are escorted out of the castle by the captain of the knights himself. He tells Kage that the letter of recommendation isn’t for King Desha but is actually for Despa his younger brother who the king doesn’t like that much.


The captain of the knights of the underworld shows his happiness on seeing Bojji’s strengths and tells them that he’s waiting for the time to see him grow.

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The story then shifts to Daida who refuses to drink the mirror’s potion and is shocked to his horror to see Apeas alive who tries to assassinate him. But, the magic mirror who it turns out is someone that Apeas knows pretty well stops him in his tracks. The story then progresses to show Apeas punching Daida unconscious and forcefully making him drink the potion that the magic mirror had prepared for him which the mirror reveals isn’t a potion to make Daida strong but is for something else.


Exactly who is the lady in the mirror and what is her purpose? Ousama Ranking is a show that constantly changes the viewers’ perspective on the characters. The characters which one hated in the previous episodes can become absolute favorites in the next, making the series extremely unpredictable and interesting.

Ousama Ranking

In the next episode, we will most likely get to see Bojji and Kage’s interaction with the Despa king Desha’s younger brother who might have a clue on how to make Bojji strong. Moreover, as we already know in episode 5 King Desha revealed that Bojji and Kage have both been cursed and that Bojji’s giant powers have been taken away from him, along with his speech and hearing. Seeing how prince Despa is shown to be a bookworm it can be expected that he might have a clue to bring Bojji back to normal.

Will prince Despa be able to make Bojji strong? And exactly what will happen to Daida after drinking the secret potion? What is the magic mirror planning to do? Is it an ally or a foe? To find out the answers to these questions do not forget to watch Ousama Ranking episode 7 coming out on 25th November 2021.


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