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Ouran High School Host Club Season 2 Release Date, Countdown And Plot

It has been a little over 15 years since Ouran High School Host Club Season 1 was first released. The show premiered on the big screen from 5th April 2006 to September 26, releasing 26 episodes. With an 8.2/10 rating from both IMDB and MyAnimelist.net, it is safe to say that the show received extremely rave reviews. Its comedic and uniquely interesting storyline filled with one great character after another makes the show one of the best shoujo anime out there. For all the latest updates and news on season 2 keep following our post.

Ouran High School Host Club Season 2 Release Date and What To Expect.

Even after receiving such positive reviews from the critics and fans alike, there still hasn’t been any news on Season 2 of Ouran High School Host Club’s release. The most likely reason can be that the series caught up with the manga. This means that there wasn’t enough source material, and just like a lot of good stories, the series was never picked up by the producers again.

Official poster
Image: Funimation

Unfortunately, the Season 2 of Ouran High School Host Club is probably not going to happen in 2021, at least. We come across many stories which are often not as appreciated as they should have been. That’s why a lot of them never see a proper ending. Ouran High School Host Club is just another example of one of these stories, which leave the fans wanting more.

The Plot of Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School is a prestigious school attended by children from noble and aristocratic families. Due to its great reputation and status, it is almost impossible for a commoner to enter on the sole basis of merit. However, Haruhi Fujioka is one such rare example. Haruhi is a scholar student who, unlike her school mates actually comes from a humble background.

Haruhi accidentally breaking a vase worth 8 million
Image: Funimation

Given her status as a scholar, it becomes quite clear that she is a studious personality. One day, as Haruhi is trying to find a quiet place to study in her school, she accidentally enters the Host Club. A club run by charming and cute boys to entertain the ladies of Ouran High School. Upon seeing this, Haruhi tries to make a quick exit and accidentally destroys a vase worth 8 million yen.

Haruhi becoming popular with the ladies.
Image: Funimation

With no way to repay her debt, Haruhi agrees on working it off by becoming a host club member. Haruhi’s naturally male built and her short hair makes her fit right in. Much to everyone’s surprise, Haruhi is actually great with the ladies. However, the only thing is the club leader was unsuspecting of Haruhi’s gender.

Haruhi is discovered to be a girl by Tamaki
Image: Funimation

One day as Haruhi is changing her clothes, the club leader Tamaki Suoh walks in on her, getting a shock of a lifetime. The club members finally realise that Haruhi is actually a girl and decides to let her stay, making her a full-time member.

Tamaki being jealous of other members getting closer to Haruhi
Image: Funimation

As the club members begin to get closer to Haruhi, Tamaki, initially protecting her as a father figure, realises that his feelings of protectiveness might be something more.

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