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Otherside Picnic Second Promo Video Out Now

The official website released the second promotional video this Saturday. Otherside Picnic is the science fiction anime by Iori Miyazawa. Moreover, the anime is known as Urasekai Picnic. The promo videos have created tremendous buzz among the viewers. The anime series got inspired by the Strugatsky’s Roadside Picnic. Originally the manga was there of the same name. The manga of the same name arrived in the year 2017. It has a tool of four volumes. Apart from Japan, the manga licensed in North America. It is a great story. There are two same-gender lovers. What will happen in their life? Let us know more in the article. Also, see the release date of the anime. None the less watch Otherside Picnic’s Second Promo Video.

Release date of Otherside Picnic Anime

The Anime News Network listed that the anime will be releasing in January 2021. LIDENFILMS and Felix Films will premiere the anime. Also, the trailer and promo videos are available on the website.

Shonen Gagan magazine’s October issue revealed the anime adaption. Moreover, the cast members are revealed along with staff members. To know more, read the whole article.

Have a look at the Second Promo Video:

Characters and cast

There are two main characters in the anime series. They include:

The supporting cast members will get revealed later. Moreover, the staff members of the anime includes:

  • Takuya Sato, Director
  • Ayumi Nishibata, Chief animation director
  • Kazutaka Ema, Creature designer
  • Hiroki Matsumoto, Art director
  • You Iwaida, Color designer
  • Takeshi Kuchiba, Photography director
  • Yuya Shiraishi, 3D director
  • Masahiro Goto, Editor
  • Takeshi Watanabe, Music composer


The story of the manga revolves around two university girls. These girls are named Toriko Nishina and Sorawo Kamikoshi. In the Otherworld which is full of mystery and is parallel to our world. The day when Toriko met Sorawo, their life changed. The world is a dangerous place to be.

The ghost stories which they have heard since childhood are reality in another world. However, to find the one, both these girls set a foot into this. What will happen in their lives? And how much longer will they take to realise that they are meant for each other? Watch the anime series for an exciting story.



The manga adaption of the light novel came in the year 2018. Shonen Gangan did the publication. Moreover, the fourth compilation of the manga also published in Square Enix. The first volume of the manga scheduled to release on May 25, 2021. Moreover, many things are coming up related to Otherside Picnic. Therefore, get ready for new adventures.

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