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One Piece Episode 1000: TOEI Animation Releases Teaser Art And Recap

One Piece has come a long way from its first episode, which was released 21 years back. The anime has never failed to provide its viewers with utmost entertainment. TOEI Animation deserves a lot of credit for this. Not only is its 1000th episode near, but the 100th volume of its manga has also been released this year. The manga is displaying its greatness in the recent chapters, with every chapter revealing something new. One Piece is at its peak right now, and the fans are enjoying it with all their heart.

One Piece Episode 1000:

With the current pace of weekly release, episode 1000 is set to be released on November 14th, 2021. The straw hats have entered Onigashima, and Luffy is ready to face Kaido. Defeating Kaido would be a big step for Luffy towards his goal of becoming the Pirate King. The long-awaited battle is as close as it ever could be, and fans are eager to witness it. With the animation of One Piece improving each episode, one could expect an eye feasting act. Moreover, TOEI Animation has released a teaser art on Twitter which you can check here.

Image: Twitter

The art showed Luffy and Kaido facing each other off in Onigashima. Luffy has improved his Armament Haki exponentially in the Wano Arc. The long-awaited battle started when the Straw Hats destroyed Doflamingo’s smile factory, which was the power source for Beast Pirates. It directly affected Kaidou‘s military strength, and thus, the Yonkou now hungers for revenge. While on the other hand, Luffy wants to free Wano Kuni from Kaido and Shogun Orochi’s tyranny. Eichiro Oda has been foreshadowing this fight for years, and episode 1000 of One Piece will be worth the wait.

One Piece Wano Kuni Arc In A Nutshell:

The Wano Kuni Arc is the longest in One Piece anime and manga. It’s been going on for three years. However, the end is very close in the manga. Wano Arc took place just after the Whole Cake Island Arc, and the straw hats haven’t got any days off like they used to get after every arc. One Piece Wano Arc started in Episode 892 and is divided into three Acts.

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Act – I: Wano Kuni Arc

Act 1 started with Luffy and half his crew entering Wano. Luffy got separated from his crew and helped a girl Tama from Kaido’s underlings. Things progressed, and he finally reunited with Zoro. Luffy also learned about the situation Wano is in and how the Shogun Orochi is exploiting it. The anger in Luffy grows each episode in this Act. Finally, One Piece shows Luffy reuniting with Law and his crew. Kinemon unveils the truth about his and Momonosuke‘s past and their existence. Luffy is shocked to know about it all and vows to help Momonosuke avenging his father, Oden.

Kaido suddenly appears in the sky in his dragon form and obliterates the castle where Luffy’s crew was staying. The scene angered Luffy, and he flew towards Kaido to avenge his friends he presumed dead. One Piece Wano Kuni Act 1 ends with Luffy facing off Kaido in a heated battle. However, Luffy gets defeated in a single blow and is imprisoned in Udon.

Kaido defeats Luffy with a single hit (Image: Animex Wallpapers)

Act – II: Wano Kuni Arc

Act 2 starts showing Luffy being imprisoned alongside Eustass Kid. They compete in the prison, showcasing each of their strengths even when shackled with sea stones. On the other side of the city, the most beautiful Oiran, Komurasaki, is introduced. Like their captain, the straw hats don’t hold themselves and cause chaos in the capital. Sanji faces Page One(A Tobi Roppo) in his Germa raid suit. Zoro being himself, is lost again in the country. He soon befriends a merchant named Yasui. One Piece doesn’t add anything to the story unless it’s crucial.

The Akazaya start enrolling more soldiers for their cause and are trying to reunite its other members. Yasui is finally going to get penalized for a crime he didn’t commit. Orochi identifies Yasui as a former Daimyo, and his execution takes place. Yasui dies while smiling, but this elevates the morale of the rebels. Things look great for the Straw Hats, but soon Big Mom arrives at Wano with her crew. She loses her memory, and Chopper uses this to their advantage. Luffy is released from the Udon Prison and is training with a fellow inmate Hyogoro. Zoro receives Oden’s sword Emma from Komurasaki, who is revealed to be Oden’s daughter Kozuki Hiyori. The Mink-Pirate-Samurai-Ninja is ready to face off the Beast Pirates. One Piece Wano Kuni Act 2 ends foreshadowing the upcoming great war.

Onigashima Island (Image: Melonciutus)

Act – III Uptil Now:

There is an impostor among the Akazaya Nine who has betrayed them by leaking their plan to Orochi. Kankuro is revealed to be the impostor and gets hold of Momonosuke. He escapes but only to see his plans fail. The alliance is still intact, and the info he provided Orochi was false. The straw hats have currently arrived on the Onigashima island. Jinbei is back, and Luffy has met another ally, Yamato, who is Kaido’s son. Big Mom and Kaido have joined hands, and thus, the opposition also seems to be powerful. Let’s see what the next few episodes of One Piece will provide.

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