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One Piece Chapter 989: Updates!!!

The fight in the previous episode brought great interest to readers. One-piece manga can be regarded as a gem in the manga history. It is one of the best manga. Since 1997 the manga started publishing. Since then, this manga has gained fans all over the globe. Eiichiro Oda writes the manga. Moreover, the first anime TV series adaption of the manga was released on October 20, 1999. If you have not read this manga, make sure you read it. This will be the best manga you will come across. I am confident about it! Let us discuss what happened in the previous chapter. Furthermore, have a look at the release date of the upcoming One Piece, Chapter 989.

Release date of One Piece Chapter 989

Before the release of the previous chapter 988, a manga was on a break—the One Piece Chapter 988 release this Sunday on August 23, 2020. Now, again due to some medical reasons, the manga will have a one week break. The writer of the manga has some illness probably.

But, readers won’t have to wait much longer. The next One Piece, Chapter 989, will release on September 6, 2020.

One Piece Chapter 989
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Previously on Chapter 988

Right now, everyone has to focus on defeating Kaido. Three Musketeers and Minks were determined to take care of Jack and Beast Pirate. Everyone decided to work as per the plan. Meanwhile, Minsk transformed into Sulong. The King saw Onigashima Shinobu rescuing Momosuke. Therefore, King threw Shinobi to the wall. In a meanwhile, Momosuke’s chain broke. He tried to fly away. However, King managed to stop him.

Luffy is off to Kaido to show him the results of training. He was furious. Moreover, Big mom attacked Luffy on his way. However, Luffy manages to dodge. But, Big Mom is mighty. Everyone is tensed about how they will fight two villains.

Further Big Mom and Zeus attacks Nami. However, his friends save him in time. Brook cuts Zeus! Also, Franky strikes Big Mom. What happens next? Hang in there to know more. Read the upcoming chapter for exciting scenes.


Where to read the chapters?

One can read the chapters of the manga on Viz Media and Manga plus websites. Moreover, the chapters are available on the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus app.

That’s all for today. Until next time!

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