One Piece Chapter 984 [Spoiler Leaked] Release Date Delayed!

It is terrible news that we have to wait for a little longer for the release of chapter 984 of One Piece. Keeping in view with the ongoing developments from the manga One Piece, delay in release is obvious. Although recently, the manga got back on track with its regular weekly release schedule, after experiencing delays because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Although this weekend, Chapter 983 of One Piece will release. But after that, the manga is going on a long break. 

To find out more about the release looking into this post. We will give you all the necessary updates about the manga One Piece and Chapter 984’s release date and advancements.

One Piece Chapter 984: Release Date

One Piece Chapter 984 will release on Sunday, 05 July 2020. This is so because the manga is going on a break. Hence there will be delays in the release of upcoming chapters.
As per sources, it also seems like the release schedule is going through a change.  This weekend One Piece manga’s chapter 982 was released. And now we all have to wait for a while for new chapters to release every Sunday.

One Piece 984: Spoilers and Speculations

As of now, we don’t have complete spoilers for One Piece chapter 984. But here are some of the spoilers gathered from the insiders. Some of the events that we can expect to happen in the upcoming 984th chapter are:

Ulti vs. Luffy Headbutting
  • Yamato will show his real face.

  • Ulti and Page One will regain their consciousness and will be healthy and fine.

  • Yamato wants to talk to Luffy in private so that no Kaido’s subordinates barge in.

  • The samurais will invade the Banquet hall. Meanwhile, Law will keep a check on the situation from his submarine.

  • Izo will meet Kiku.

  • Luffy and Yamato to talk, and Yamato tells him about witnessing Oden’s execution and says that he wants to fulfill Oden’s wish.

One Piece Chapter 983: Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 983 will officially release on VIZ media on this upcoming weekend. The spoilers for the chapter are already there viral all over the internet.  Some of the significant spoilers include:

Prometheus is going to chase down Nami. While Zeus is anxious, what will happen to him if Big Mom sees him? And thus, Zeus will back up Nami during the fight with Prometheus. Roronoa Zoro and Eustass Kidd are gift fighters. Luffy and Ulti will fight each other, or in other words, headbutting each other.

Luffy and Yamato

Ulti, while headbutting with Luffy, will possess as Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Zoan devil fruit. Yamato wearing ONI MASK, will attack Ulti, resulting in her fall with the weak beast pirates members. Meanwhile, Yamato picks up Luffy and escapes from the Beasts Pirates.

Yamato to Luffy, “You are the Straw Hat Luffy, right? I have been waiting for you all this time. My name is Yamato, and I’m Kaido’s son.”

Where To Read One Piece, Chapter 984 Online?

The upcoming chapter of the manga One Piece, as well as chapter 984, is available on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus platforms to read online. Even there are apps available or these on the play store for both IOS and Android.

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