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One Piece Chapter 977: Spoilers – Kaido Has a Son

The 976 Chapter of the anime One piece released just a couple of days ago. The title of the chapter is “Begging Your Pardon!!”. No wonder it is an amazing one. And it has already created a buzz among the viewers.  Fans are desperately waiting for the release of One Piece, Chapter 977. Lots of spoilers and raw scans are already popping up.

The end of chapter 976  has left readers excited for One Piece, Chapter 977. It ends with the entry of Jinbei at  Wano.

One Piece chapter 977 will release on 12th April, 2020. There is no gap between the previous and the upcoming release. In the last chapter, we saw the introduction of Jinbei as a member of the strawhats crew.

History: One Piece

For those who aren’t aware of one piece, here is a brief history. One Piece: it is a Japanese anime TV show. Originally a manga with the same name written by Eiichiro Oda was released. Later, the manga became the source of adaptation for the TV show One Piece. The plot of the show revolves around Monkey D. Luffy. He is the main protagonist of the show. Luffy is a kid who accidentally ate a Devil Fruit. Eating the fruit resulted in him gaining elastic properties in his body.

One Piece started streaming initially on Fuji TV on October 20, 1999, in Japan. One Piece contains a total of 976 episodes to date. Not only Japan, but it is famous around the globe as well.
One Piece is one among the top five shows in Japan.

If you haven’t yet watched One Piece, then this is the perfect time. You can overcome your boredom in this period of lockdown.

One Piece

Spoilers: One Piece Chapter 977

Only a few days left to the release, lots of spoilers are brewing around. Here is a list of spoilers translated from the manga:

  • Kaido speaking about his son. He demands to meet Linlin.
  • Straw Hats “party” on the occasion of Jinbei joining the crew.
  • Luffy demands that after they defeat Yonko they should hold a party, not now.
  • Kyoushiro asks information regarding the fight plans from Kim.
  • The SH’s ship disappears even before they realize it.
  • A blast takes place somewhere far away.
  • Kyoushiro says – “Darn it! I forgot to tell them that the Tori gate at the entrance is dangerous”
  • The Tori gate’s watchmen are cleared out.
  • The SH’s search for the Sake barrel to raise a toast on Jinbei’s joining.
  • But they see the Samurai on the ocean around them.
  • And they choose to have an enormous east with everyone.
  • The toast for Jinbei is put on pause.

At Onigashima (translated from the original manga)

Kaido: Hicc~~ What’s that person doing
?: what?

Kaido: I’m talking about my son!! He can at least show his face!! It’s a dinner!!!
?: we’ll look for him right away

Kaido?: Yeah, we’ll have him meet Linlin…
?: Big Mom is as of now changing into kimono… !!

The Flying Six have shown up!!!

Manga Description of Chapter 977

Law: Regardless of what sort of procedure you folks think of, there are dumb people who will attempt to enter on Onigashima from the front doors. There will be roughly two of them.

???: Idiot?

Law: The Idiots will function admirably as a preoccupation!! In that capacity, as arranged, everyone… (it’s cut off)


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