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One Piece Chapter 1028 Recap, Spoilers, And Release Date

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The One Piece manga has been grabbing the attention of anime fans all around the globe. Eiichiro Oda reveals some new information every week. Therefore, fans are always eager to witness their favorite manga giving another great storyline. Apart from this, fans look forward to One Piece Chapter 1028 as the decisive final battle is near. Moreover, most of the fights in Onigashima are over, and only the top-tier ones are left. Let’s look into Chapter 1028 Spoilers and more.

Previously on One Piece Chapter 1027

Chapter 1027 only showed a glimpse of the battle between Kaido and Luffy. On the other hand, Zoro was fighting King, and he managed to give a hard blow to him. King’s face was revealed partially. Along with this, we got to see panels full of Zoro and King’s battle. Since this is one of the only three straw hat fights left, let’s see what the others provide. In contrast to chapter 1027, we’d get to see Sanji in action in One Piece Chapter 1028

One Piece Chapter 1028 All Spoilers:

The spoilers of chapter 1028 surfaced on October 4th at midnight. This chapter could undoubtedly be a vital feature of the manga. One Piece Chapter 1028 is titled Brachio Jauraurus, which refers to Queen’s devil fruit. Let’s see what other things this chapter will reveal:

Yamato And Onigashima

Only 5 minutes are left in Onigashima landing on Wano. Apart from this, Kaido’s power level is decreasing as a result of his fight with Luffy. The clouds that Kaido had prepared to hover Onigashima are vanishing one by one. Furthermore, the explosives which the island carries are another significant threat to Wano.


Yamato (Animex Wallpapers)

Previously Yamato explained that if Onigashima hits Wano, it will be more of a Nuclear bomb disaster. One Piece Chapter 1028 shows Yamato in her beast form. She’s approaching the Skull Dome to dispose of the explosives. Moreover, Momonosuke is on his way to ensure Onigashima is floating even after Kaido gets defeated.

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Lucci And CP0 Finally Make Their Move:

The government organization hasn’t yet revealed themselves in front of the Straw Hats or their Alliance. However, their presence in the previous chapters foreshadowed a plot twist. The world government is making their move since the Straw Hats don’t have enough energy after their battles, and the Beast Pirates are almost defeated. One Piece Chapter 1028 shows a panel of Rob Lucci getting two high-level orders. Firstly, to annex Wano under the World Government if Kaido and the Beast Pirates get defeated. Secondly, to capture Nico Robin.


Rob Lucci (Image: Torapunch)

Nevertheless, this is the same opportunity which the World Government wanted. As Wano has a history regarding the Void Century, the World Government couldn’t take its eyes off of Wano. Furthermore, the extraction of Nico Robin is also a significant step to stop the pirates from discovering the world’s true history. The times favor the World Government, and thus, they’re making their move in One Piece Chapter 1028.

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Queen Vs. Sanji: Sanji’s True Potential

Previously in Chapter 1027, we saw Zoro‘s new move Ultra Archer Tiger Hunt. With this new power, Zoro scythed half of King‘s face. In One Piece Chapter 1028, we’ll get to see Sanji back in action against Queen. Sanji has proved to have an indestructible body on many occasions. However, this time the stakes are much higher than any of his previous battles. While facing Queen, Sanji took heavy damage from him. Apart from this, his Diable Jambe move has had a toll on his body.


Sanji (Image: Wallpaper Access)

Sanji continues to feel uncomfortable throughout his body. At first, we presumed this to be the side effect of Parage Shoot. In contrast to this, the discomfort he was getting was due to his body healing itself. Sanji comes to realize that this power is the same as his brothers in Germa 66. The fight continues, and Queen attacks Sanji with his sword. Despite Queen’s control, the sword breaks in half. Thus, it increases the possibility of Sanji awakening another stage of his power, or maybe it’s the connection to Lunarians which Queen previously figured.

One Piece Chapter 1028 Release Date

Chapter 1028 will be released in Japan on October 8th, 2021. However, for the global audience, it will be released on October 10th, 2021. The next chapter would get a hiatus since Oda’s health has deteriorated in the last couple of months. One Piece Chapter 1028 can be globally viewed on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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