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One Piece Chapter 1027: Spoilers, Release Date, And Where To Read

One Piece manga chapter 1026 concluded with Inuarashi and Nekomamushi both defeating their opponents. Jack and Perospero both have been defeated. Soon fans will know what happens next with the release of chapter 1027.

Spoilers Of One Piece Chapter 1027:

The chapter starts with Luffy asking Yamato to help out Momonosuke as he adapts to his new form. Yamato understands Luffy’s intention to fight Kaido one-on-one. We all know that every opponent Luffy has defeated has been beaten alone and in a spectacular way. Therefore this 1-on-1 was surely going to happen from the start.

Yamato states: “Dragons do not fly. They run through the sky, grabbing the clouds they create. These clouds are called Flame Clouds.” This was also shown back in the Punk Hazard, where Momonosuke climbs through the clouds to reach the top with Luffy on his back.

The focus goes on to Onigashima, where we see rocks are falling off. Yamato claims that Kaido’s power is weakening and Flame Cloud’s made by him are unstable. To prevent Onigashima from falling on the Flower Capital, Momonosuke must create Flame Cloud around the Island.

Zoro Vs. King

Now, we see Zoro is still in a duel with King. King goes on to transform and starts attacking both enemies and allies. Zoro then uses an attack Ultra Tiger Hunt and breaks King’s masks, revealing a part of his face.

Roronoa Zoro
Image: One Piece

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King takes Zoro out of the castle, Zoro almost falls off from the island. He states: “At least let me die with a sword, or I won’t forgive you.” In reply, King says, “I won’t forgive you either.” With this One Piece Chapter, 1027 concludes.

What Could This Mean?

Kaido is running out of gas, and at the same time, Luffy has just finished a whole month’s worth of ration of Heart Pirates. If we see it like this, then we can say that the chances of Luffy winning this 1-on-1 have been increased. If he wins this match, he will become the first person ever to do so and can receive a bounty more than Kaido. World Government will probably Officially state Luffy as the 5th Emperor Of The Sea, and at last, Wano will get free from the hands of Kaido. Soon after this war is over, Wano will be reopening its border. This will fulfill Oden’s dream at long last, with Luffy getting a step closer to One Piece.

This also means that the series is now preceded towards its end, towards the biggest war that Whitebeard mentioned at Marineford. A fight for One-Piece will start. What will happen next? No one knows except Oda-sensei. One thing is for sure it will be exciting and pretty heartbreaking.

Release Date Of One Piece Chapter 1027:

Chapter 1027 of One Piece is scheduled to release on Sunday, 03rd October 2021. Fans can read the latest chapter of manga on Shonen JumpViz Media, and MangaPlus Platforms. The latest chapter will be available to read for free for a duration of 3 weeks.

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