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One Piece Chapter 1025 Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

With the release date being so close, the buzz around One Piece manga is understandable. Being released on 13th September at midnight JST, every fan is looking forward to the new One Piece chapter 1025 of the manga. Previously it was said to be released on the 19th of September, which had initially made the fans impatient, but they are glad it did not happen. 

Recap – Throwback To One Piece Chapter 1024

Kaidou and Yamato One Piece Chapter 1024
One Piece chapter 1024

In the last chapter, i.e., 1024, some significant revelations were made, along with enigmatic clash scenes that kept the readers on the edge of their seats. Many say in chapter 1025  it will take a dynamic turn and create another mark stone in the Wano arc. Chapter 1024 presents, fights coming to an end along with some ongoing battles. This particular chapter even gave us a glimpse of Yamato’s backstory involving three samurais along with Kaidou.

With this throwback piece, one is even more eager to get a glimpse of the big and final battle happening at the top. It is clear that kaidou sees this as more than a fight between a family and is set to prove his power. But, on the other hand, Yamato is equally well equipped to take him on with her prowess. We even get to see Big Mom, Nami, and others fighting with Kaidou’s army. Along with these scenes, we even get to see Luffy and Momonosuke trying to make it to Onigashima on time to help Yamato. 

Spoilers You Would Want To Know!

Momonosuke dragon form one piece
One piece Momonosuke and Luffy.
Image: IMDb

With some time left before the proper release of the new One Piece chapter 1025, many had gotten hold of the raw scans, which had left them to be notified of things. They took to social media to talk about it and spread it even further. According to the speculations and spoilers going on, chapter 1025 is going to pack some heat! Well, worry not; we won’t leave you hanging and let you in on those spoilers so that you can look forward to it. 

According to spoilers, Yamato and Kaidou’s fight is still being carried on, with Yamato waiting for Luffy to arrive. Luffy and Momonosuke struggle a bit to fly fast and come because of Momonosuke’s fear of heights. Due to his fear, Momonosuke is flying with his eyes closed, prompting him to crash onto Onigashima’s castle blindly. After reaching his destination its Kaidou VS Yamato, Luffy, and Momonosuke. Luffy uses his Gear 4 ( which is snake-man) and attacks Kaidou along with Yamato. At the end of the chapter, we will see a face-off between Kaidou and Momonosuke, both in their dragon form. 

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