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Noragami Season 3: Release [CONFIRMED] What will happen in Season 3? [LEAKED SPOILERS]

Supernatural-fantasy stories are something we always find thrilling and exciting. Most of the anime shows are famous for their fantasy genres and storyline. Noragami is one such supernatural fantasy anime that will sway you away. Originally, Norgami is an adaptation of a Japenese manga series of the same name. Noragami is popular and is one of the must-watch anime series because of its storyline. Unlike other supernatural fantasy anime, Noragami has a touch of comedy as well.

Its been quite a long time for now since the last Season of Noragami went on air. Fans almost lost all hopes if there will ever be a new season. So here to you all, a piece of good news regarding the renewal of the anime with a brand new season. In this post, we will give you all the updates and details related to season 3 Noragami.

What will Noragami Season 3 be about?

Before we more to the expected plot of Noragami, let’s take a quick recap to the previous seasons.

Previous Season-Ending Explained:

Hiyori Iki was just another normal middle school kid until the day she met with a bus accident. After the bus accident, unknowingly, her soul starts slipping out of her body and visits to a parallel world near the Near Shore. Ashore is a place where some creatures, as well as humans, reside along with demons. Through her lost soul, she meets the strange, Yato.

In Season 2 Noragami, we witnessed Yato confessing about his past and how he used to kill people to Yukine. Yukine comforts that it’s okay and asks him to leave his past behind. She even encourages him to move on ahead in his life. Later we see Yato asking Hiyori and Yukine something about his abilities. They both suggest him he can use his skills to kill Ayakshi and to help restore all the chaos and disorders, instead of killing people.

At the end of Season, we get to see the real identity of Yato’s father, who is none other than Fujisaki.


In Noragami season three, we can expect the plot to dwell more in-depth into the lives of Yato and his father. We can expect to see more of the Father-Son relationship. Many surprising events are yet to unfold. We will also learn about the purpose of the existence of Yato’s life.  During all this while the series will have a perfect balance between all these emotional, dangerous situations and comedy to entertain us.

Season three has some shocking events in store for us, as season 2 Noragami ended with a cliffhanger.

Release Date: Season 3

As of now, there is no official release date for Season 3. As per rumors, Season was set to release sometime in early 2020. But keeping the current situation in view, expecting a release any time sooner, isn’t justified. But as sources from the inside, season 3 might release in early or mid-2021.

The cast of Noragami: 

Noragami Cast

The cast of Season 3 will consist of all the main characters who were present in previous seasons. We can also expect some new character additions.

  • Iki Hiyori
  • Yato
  • Yukine
  • Bishamonten
  • Kofuku
  • Iki Masaomi
  • Tenjin
  • Iki Takamasa
  • Kazumi
  • Iki Sayuri


As of now, no official trailers or teasers are available for season 3. But I suggest you keep in touch because we will update you as soon as we get something. Till then you can enjoy watching Noragami Season 1 and Season 2 on Crunchyroll.

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