You Can Now Create Manga Without Drawing!

Shueisha is collaborating with Shonen Jump to launch the remarkable brand new app called World Maker. This app will allow anyone interested in creating manga to do so without having to draw at all. It will have more than hundreds of templates of backgrounds, characters, speech bubbles, etc. You can choose from a variety of options. It will break down the manga writing process into manageable steps. The app will be developed by the Japanese developer Kayak inc.

The closed beta will release on September 8th. You will have to follow the app’s official Twitter account and complete the registration process by 5th September to access this version. Only the selected 500 members will be allowed to access the closed beta. The open beta version will be accessible to all by 22nd September.

Image: CrunchyRoll

Shueisha and Shonen jump will host a contest with Romy Oishi and Shiro Usazaki as the illustrators. The contest will run from September 8th to October 8th. Interested participants will be allowed to submit their creations by this time. The prize package will include 300,00 yen and a feature in the shonen jump app. The contest will be judged by Usazaki, Oishi, and the department of Shonen jump.

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Many who are passionate about writing manga fail to do so because of the inability to draw. Therefore, this app will be an excellent opportunity for all interested artists. Evidently, Manga readers from all around the world are looking forward to the launch of this app. The preview of the app shows how easy it will be to create a manga. It also explains how the app will work once it is launched.

Personally, I can’t wait for the open beta version to release. Although I have never put much thought into creating a manga, it will be fun to try it out.