Yomiji Otono’s Novels Boku Ga Aishita Subete No Kimi E And Kimi O Aishita Hitori No Boku E To Be Adopted In Two Anime Movies

On September 9, Hayakawa Shobi announced Yomiji Otono’s two novels are the inspiration of two upcoming anime movies. These two movies will be released at a similar time next year. These novels are Boku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e (To Every You I’ve Loved Before) and Kimi o Aishita Hitori no Boku e (To The Solitary Me That Loved You)

About The Novels:

These two novels were also released on the same day, on June 23, 2016. Both science-fiction novels complement each other and can be read in either order. The story of novels happens in a reality where travelling to parallel worlds is common and happens on an everyday basis.

What Is The Plot Of Boku Ga Aishita Subete No Kimi E?

This novel tells the story of Koyomi Takasaki, a boy living together with his mom after the divorce of his mother and father. He tried to make friends in his new college prep school, but the social awkwardness, along with the focused study atmosphere, tells him that his attempt was a failure.
One day his classmate Kazune Takigawa approaches him and tells him that they were lovers in World Line 85, where she came from.

What Is The Story Of Kimi O Aishita Hitori No Boku E?

Yomiji Otono’s novel Kimi O Aishita Hitori No Boku E tells about Koyomi Hidaka. A boy, living with his father after the divorce of his parents. His father owns a research lab, where he met a girl Shiori Sato. There they began a relationship that slowly and steadily transformed into love.

Kimi wo aishita hitori no boku e
Image: Kimi wo aishita hitori no boku e

But when their parents decided to marry each other, Koyomi and Shiori decided to move to a parallel world. Where they were not step-siblings.