Yasuke An Original Series By Netflix Gets Its Very Own Manga Adaptation!

Netflix, in recent times, has become a worldwide sensation. This streaming platform spreading its grip all over the world to provide the users with the best of content from the greatest of minds of this generation has now set a firm grip in the Asian continent and is pumping out one great series after another. As we all know, Netflix has begun producing and buying licensing rights of a lot of animes and has also begun making their own original stories, one of which is the very well-known Yasuke.  This amazing animated series based in a world of magic and 16th-century japan was one of the most underrated shows of the year.

For our readers who might be unaware, the story of the show revolves around a young African warrior named Yasuke living in feudal japan In the 16th Century holding the highly esteemed title of “Black-Samurai.” Serving under a great lord, his life is completely shattered when he sees his kingdom getting bitterly defeated by the dark forces of the demon lord, who has now conquered japan. Therefore, forced to flee for his life, the “black-Samurai” or Yasuke decides to move on from his past life, and now, after 20 years since the great war, he works peacefully as a boatman. However, this peaceful or ignorant life comes to an end when Yasuke is compelled to save a sick girl’s life by giving her a boat ride only to realizes that there is more to the girl that meets this eye. Yasuke is now forced to once again don on his old persona and protect the sick girl’s life at all cost as she is for reasons unknown targeted by the evil forces that destroyed his home. Yasuke realizes that he must once again relive his life as the Black-Samurai.

Image: Netflix

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This incredible story is about to get even more amazing, as its producers have recently announced that the original TV series is now getting its own very own manga adaptation. The manga’s author will be Satoshi Okunishi, and the story will begin serializing in the Monthly Spirits issue from the 27th of July 2021.

This amazing news reaches the fans just weeks after season 1 of the show ended. Season 1 of the show released in total 6 Episodes, which were not enough for the hungry viewers out there. Therefore, seeing the fans’ rave reviews, we can expect a season 2 to come out next year. Not to mention that the manga of the show might already hint us what to expect next season! Make sure to watch all the episodes of Yasuke and read its manga only on Netflix and Crunchyroll!.”