World’s End Harem Postponed To January: Reason And Recap

The long-awaited erotic sci-fi harem anime finally made its debut on October 8th, 2021. However, things have taken an opposite turn. World’s End Harem was supposed to air weekly on Crunchyroll. In contrast, the anime is postponed to next year suddenly. Additionally, the fans didn’t get any prior notice regarding this. On October 9th, the official Twitter page of the franchise posted an apology about its delay to next year in January. On the other hand, they also informed us that only the broadcast had been discontinued for now, while the production would continue as planned.

World’s End Harem:

Written by an anonymous writer, LINK, World’s End Harem is a well-known manga in the community. Kotaro Shono has illustrated the manga and Shuiehsa’s weekly Shonen+ publishes it. Shonen+ is the alternative version of Shonen Jump, which covers adult manga. With 12 volumes and endless love from its fans, the franchise has sold over 7 million copies. However, it has always been a topic for debate as it provides content that contains extreme sexual scenes. Therefore, the anime also got some backlash.

Suou Mira (Image: Crunchyroll)

World’s End Harem Synopsis:

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where 99.99% of the men’s population has died due to a particular virus, World’s End Harem is an ecchi, sci-fi harem anime. The story follows Reito Mizuhara, who survived the virus since he was in cryostasis at the time. Hence, he is one of the most explicit commodities for humanity. Furthermore, the ratio of one man to women has dropped to 1: 10,000,000.

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Nevertheless, Reito already has someone he loves. Although he is one of the only five men left in Japan, he refuses to copulate with anyone. His love for his girlfriend Elisa Tachibana remains the same even after five years and such conditions. The storyline World’s End Harem shows Reito searching for Elisa- who has now gone missing in a world full of women.

Reason For Delay After 1st Episode:

Though the production has put all its effort into maintaining the censorship, the anime is yet to be broadcasted for a regular audience. In addition, the first episode covered up all the nudity scenes so that the anime wouldn’t get any further backlash. However, the franchise wants to be double sure about the anime. Apart from other ecchi anime like High School DxD or Qwaser of Stigmata, World’s End Harem is considered on another level.

Censorship of anime (Image: Crunchyroll)

Nonetheless, the fact that the production is continuing is excellent news for the fandom. Since the delay is much more significant than any normal one, a series of censorship is predicted. World’s End Harem is produced by Crunchyroll and will continue from January next year. Thus, one can only hope to get the content they aspired from the anime.

Episode 1 In A Nutshell:

The production did justice to the manga as it followed the storyline strictly as the manga provided. In contrast, the censorship removed all the features that World’s End Harem was looked upon by the fandom. The story begins with Reito proposing to Elisa before getting into cryostasis. Unlike other protagonists, Reito has asked her to move on, as five years is too long for someone to wait. However, Elisa denies his offer and vows to wait for him. After completing his cryostasis, Reito wakes up only to find that the world has completely changed. A virus named the MK virus has wiped out 99.9% of men across the globe. Furthermore, he’s only one of the five active men in Japan.

Elisa Tachibana (Image: VRV)

The current authorities ask Reito to repopulate Earth. However, he denies all the offers, including a room full of bare women waiting to be chosen. Suou Mira– who’s Reito’s exclusive agent, also tries to seduce him. Though she looks precisely like Elisa, Reito shows no feelings or reaction to her. Apart from this, he only searches for Elisa, who is currently missing. The next episode is now scheduled to be released in January 2022. Let’s hope it doesn’t get discontinued or delayed any further.

The Cast of World’s End Harem:

Character: Voice Actor:
Reito Mizuhara Taichi Ichikawa
Mira Suō  Haruka Shiraishi
Akane Ryūzōji Yō Taichi
Sui Yamada Aya Yamane
Rea Katagiri Keiko Watanabe
Maria Kuroda  Yurie Kozakai
Mahiru Mizuhara  Yukina Shūto
Kyōji Hino Takuya Eguchi
Neneko Isurugi Shizuka Ishigami


Rena Kitayama Satomi Amano
Shōta Doi Kazuki Ura
Karen Kamiya Ayana Taketatsu
Yuzuki Hanyū Marika Hayase
Shunka Hiiragi Haruka Michii
Natsu Ichijō Arisa Aihara
Akira Tōdō Riho Iida
Chifuyu Rehn Kuroda Natsumi Takamori