Why Ousama Ranking Is One Of The Best Animes To Come Out This Year

It is not very often that we get to see stories in animes that hook us right from the start. To build a story such as this, one not only needs compelling characters but also an amazing plot and world-building, and one of these stories that has surprised everyone with its debut is undoubtedly Ousama Ranking.

I’m sure not a lot of our readers have heard of this anime, however, missing out on this wonderful show and underappreciating the work of its artists might be one of the biggest mistakes you’ll ever make. The manga written by Sōsuke Tōka is a work of pure genius and the character development and their background stories are enough to bring tears into your eyes.

Although so far only 4 episodes of the anime have been released, these 4 episodes are by far one of the best pieces of anime I’ve seen. The voice acting cast, the animation by Wit Studio is top-notch and you can see the hard work of every cast and crew member behind the story. Every single episode leaves you with a wish to see more, and this in my humble opinion is the hint of a great show.

This fact is further proven by its ratings receiving a whopping 8.8/10 from MyAnimeList and IMDb and once you watch the show you’ll find the reason why.

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Image: Funimation

The story of the show is set in a fantasy world, where the power of a kingdom is measured by the power of the kings and thus each king is ranked according to their strength. The rank 1 king, who is the strongest of them all is then bestowed a special gift from the vaults of God giving them powers beyond measure. Thus every kingdom and its kings are on a constant lookout to become the best in the world for themselves and their people.

The story of Ousama Ranking or Ranking of the Kings highlights the life of the young prince Bojji, a deaf and dumb prince, first in the line to the throne after his father King Bosse a rank 7 king. However, Bojji’s weak constitution and his natural shortcomings make him a constant recipient of taunts and waves of laughter often from his very own family.

Image: Funimation

However, the young prince not faltered by what people say about him keeps a constant gentle smile on his face. One day as Bojji is playing around in his kingdom he comes across a young member of the fallen shadow clan named Kage. Kage at first tries to rob him but as he learns more about the young prince is surprised by how he’s able to understand him and how Bojji willingly gives him whatever he asks for.

Therefore, in his curiosity to know more about the young prince who greets him with a smile every day, Kage enters his palace, only to see Bojji berated and humiliated by the member of the royal guard who all think that Bojji can’t understand them. But the truth is Bojji can lip-sync and is able to make out whatever people say about him. Seeing his own life’s reflection in Bojji and seeing him suffering from the hands of his family and peers Kage promises Bojji to always stay with him and follow him on his quest to become the world’s most powerful king.

Image: Funimation

In my opinion, what truly makes Ousama ranking one of the greatest shows to be launched this year, is how likable the characters are. From Kage to Bojji, you get the feels in every character and understand the essence of the magical world they live in. The author and the writer of the manga not only brilliantly built lovable characters but also gave the story a thick and incredibly interesting plot, which gets darker as the story progresses on. Therefore out of all the animes that have come out this year Ousama Ranking is definitely a show that you absolutely cannot miss!

Therefore, if this article has convinced you to give the show a try do not forget to watch all the episodes of Ousama Ranking on AnimixplayHD. Also, make sure to watch the series’ trailer (read the comments) to find out what the show is really all about!



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