When and Where Can You Expect Darwin’s Game Season 2? Is It Finally Happening?

Video and Mobile games are often seen as a resource to relax until it’s the center plot of an anime where no character seems to benefit or relax. These plots have never failed to take over the hearts of anime lovers, but Darwin’s Game took it a level ahead with its excellent plotting and character casting, so much so that fans have been eagerly awaiting Season 2!! Continue forward to know When and Where Can You Expect Darwin’s Game Season 2?

A Little About Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s game is originally a manga series authored and published by FLIPFLOPs in 2012 through Anime News Network. It is a manga of 25 volumes. It focuses on the main character, Kaname Sudou, an average high school performer who has been invited over to play a mobile game- Darwin’s Game. No sooner did he sign in the D-Game than he realized that ‘D’ doesn’t just stand for Darwin but also for Death as well!! He is startled to find him being chased by a killer disguised as a panda.

Darwin's Game Season 2

Games of these kinds seem pretty fun to watch at least and play until the facts reveal that dying and killing in the game equals loss of life in reality. The game plan plots for lives in existence, and deaths appear to be the primary objective.

The anime has already wrapped up with its season 1 in 2020, leaving fans clamoring and anticipating more! However, the show’s creators have not yet revealed if they will ever have a season 2 to this amazing anime. But also, since Netflix chose to feature the show, a green light for season 2 can very well be expected. With all that being said, follow below for knowing all that we know concerning the chance release of Darwin’s Game season 2.

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What happened in Darwin’s Game Season 1?

Season 1 began with Kaname Sudou accepting the invite of his friend to play in the mobile game Darwin’s Game (D-Game). However, after discovering the reality of the game, he tries hard to quit, all in vain. He now has to play the game to survive and escape.

His story in season 1 considers almost all his struggles of surviving in the game. He is startled to discover that a killer impersonating a panda is trying to find and kill him as this is the game’s primary objective, to surrender and kill the opponents. The ending of season 1 takes us to Kaname and sunset ravens discussing and deciding on demolishing and not allowing any opponent to enter their region. They also have plans to track down the game’s creator and connect the dots to know his intentions behind this life and Death game.

When and Where Can You Expect Darwin's Game Season 2?

What can be the Plot for Darwin’s Game Season 2?

Season 1 wraps up around the suspense concerning the creator of the game. Thus, season 2 is expected to reveal the uncertainty established in season 1. And as we are aware, Darwin’s game revolves all-around mysteries, so that one might expect a lot of thrillers along the way. As per our expectations, Season 2 might focus on the main culprits.

When Can You Expect Darwin’s Game Season 2?

It is woeful on our part to let you know that the animators of the show, Studio Nexus, have not confirmed any release date as of now. The first season aired in the spring of 2020, and post that there has been no news on its sequel. However, we believe that the popularity and monetary success of the series must be enough to justify a season 2. We might hear some official news regarding its release somewhere in the middle of this year.

When and Where Can You Expect Darwin’s Game Season 2? Is It Finally Happening?

Where Can You Watch Darwin’s Game Season 2 and 1?

After talking so much about Darwin’s Game Season 2, we are sure some fans might be willing to re-watch or watch if they haven’t already the first season. So we bring to you the sites that streamed Darwin’s game season 1: Netflix, Crunchyroll, and FUNimation. It is pretty probable that season 2, after being produced, would be dropped on them.

With that, we deliver all the information you require: When and Where Can You Expect Darwin’s Game Season 2? Is It Finally Happening? Make sure to comment telling us what expectations you have from season 2?


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