W- Inds Releases New Song Strip For 20XX “We Are” Album

Japanese boy band w- Inds has yet again proved their talent with a new music video. The band’s new song was released on September 24th, i.e., Thursday. It was titled Strip, and the band remarkably exhibited their dance form as well. Fans were filled with joy to see their favorite singers Ryohei and Keita, entertaining them with all their effort. The song was released on the w- Inds global youtube channel. Strip gained 5K likes on the first day of its release on the international youtube channel. The band may not be much famous worldwide, but it still lies in the heart of its fans, who love them wholeheartedly.

Strip: w- Inds Latest Music Video

Strips is a 2:54 minute music video where Ryohei and Keita exhibit their evergreen singing while giving us a glamorous look at their dance. The video starts with Keita and continues with Ryohei giving us a rap column in between. It goes to and fro, ending with both the member saying “Strip For Yourself.” The music video takes place in a mansion and later changes to a bar and a movie hall. W- Inds has never failed to please its fans and has undoubtedly been successful in doing so this time as well.

The staff for w- Inds ‘Strip’ was as follows:

w- Inds (Music Credits)
Lyrics: Keita Tachibana
Music:  Keita Tachibana, June
Track Production:  Keita Tachibana
Recorded and Mixed:  Keita Tachibana
w- Inds (Video Credit)
Cinematographer: Takuma Iwata
Lighting director:  Sugimura Wataru
Production Manger:  Yuzo Korota
Producer:  Yu Hamashima
Dancers: Show-hey, Money, Sun- Chang, Masato, Daiki, Kooouya
Choreographer: Sota(Ganmi)
Styling: Hideaki Saito
Hair and Make-up: Koichiro Otsuma
Director: Hidenobu Tanabe

W- Inds Origin:

The band initially constituted Keita Tachibana, Ryohei Chiba, and Ryuichi Ogata. However, Ogata left the band in 2020. w- Inds is managed by Vision Factory and is labeled under Pony Canyon. Keita is the lead singer, while Ogata and Ryohei used to provide background vocals and rap. Their first single was named ‘Forever Memories‘ in 2001. The band has also received the stature of Best New Artists at Japan Cable Awards and Japan Record Awards for their song “Paradox.” They were a hit in their early days, selling 5 million CDs.

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Why did Ogata leave?

Ogata was an excellent asset for the band, and his guitar plays in the background were once the highlights of a song. It was a piece of sad news for the fans when he announced his retirement. The w- Inds guitarist and vocalist had to retire because of a psychosomatic disorder. His stress and anxiety levels increased after each song, and thus, he considered retirement and announced it on June 1st, 2020.

Keita Ryohei and Ogata

W- Inds Current State

Keita Tachibana is working hard to revive the band after Ogata’s retirement. The lead singer is getting great support from his fans who eagerly wait for their new music. Tachibana takes inspiration from his parents, who are both DJs themselves. W- Inds are trying their hardest to gain the love and affection that they have. Fans have entrusted their faith in the band and support them consistently. It can be said that with the support they’re getting, the band will soon find its glory.

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All about w- Inds 20XX “We Are” Album.

The song Strip belongs to the new 20XX “We Are” Album. Keita Tachibana is responsible for all the productions of this album. The previous album of the w- Inds was “100,” which was released back on July 4th, 2018. 20XX “We Are” album signifies their 20th anniversary.

Importance of 20XX “We Are” Album

w- Inds 20XX “We Are” holds great significance for the band and the fans. The most significant part of this album is that this is their first original album after three years. Since Ogata had to retire, the band is valiant to please the fans with their vocals and sensational dance style. The hopes are high, and the band has always proved to please its fans. Let’s see what they’ll offer this time to regain their glory. The album can be officially purchased on the official site of Pony Canyon.