Will Netflix Renew Move To Heaven For A Season 2?

K-Pop, K-dramas, and Korean movies are freaking everywhere! It seems like South Korea has made it a point to release outstanding content, whether it is in terms of songs or TV shows and not to mention the movies. In recent years South Korea has become the center of attention, and with its recent Oscar win, it seems like this Asian country is on the verge of changing the definition of Pop-Culture. When I first watched the show “Move To Heaven,” I immediately knew it was going places.

With a 9.1/10 rating from IMDB, this just further proves that Netflix has found itself a gem in Korean Drama. The story of the show revolves around A young man suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. A neurological disorder that makes it very difficult for a person to communicate and be a part of any kind of social interaction. If you’ve watched the movie “Adam,” then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This young man begins to work with his uncle as “Trauma cleaners.” A job where they have to clean up after the deceased and give their belongings to their loved ones. The story revolves around how every family is traumatized by death. The show portrays beautifully how a person’s belongings and their last words showcase their true feelings and gives an insight into their lives before their death. This show is a one big emotional roller coaster. So, anyone who still hasn’t watched “Move To Heaven” make sure to keep tissues on hand because it will be a long ride.

Will There Be A Season 2 Of Move To Heaven?

Move-to-HeavenThe ratings of the show given by various platforms, It would be obvious for people to assume that season 2 is a no-brainer. But, the one thing we know about Netflix is that it tends to drop a lot of shows. Looking at the recent trends, Netflix rarely picks up a Korean drama for a season 2. Similarly, proving this point further, there still hasn’t been any reports on whether “Move to Heaven” will get renewed or not. As we all know, the ratings only matter if the audience loves it. If the show isn’t getting streamed as much to the liking of the content provider, in this case, being Netflix, then it is highly likely that it will get dropped regardless of its huge ratings.

Therefore, will there be a season 2 of “Move to Heaven”? We don’t know. No official reports or release dates have been released. However, this is Netflix that we are talking about. If there is going to be a season 2, we would know. So right now, all any of us can do is wait for any hints. If, by chance, the show is renewed, then you can expect it to be available by 2022.

[Note:] For all our readers who still haven’t watched “Move To Heaven,” make sure that the show is available in your country.

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