Will Kathmandu Connection Season 2 Happen?

Kathmandu Connection season 2 is a heavy question for all netizens. With season 1 performing decently, fans are thinking that they will get to see season 2. This year, the web series, which premiered on 23 April, puts up an intriguing showcase of thrill and suspense.

Based on the fatal and looping consequences of the 1993 bomb blast, the series has all the elements of a good thriller. The show garnered a decent response from the viewers. The series is made under SonyLiv’s banner after it started focusing on the OTT platform.

Kathmandu Connection Season 2?

So far, Sony has not announced season 2 for the show. After the huge success of its Scam 1992, Sony started working more on its OTT development. The second season for it was not announced immediately after its success. Therefore, fans expect that season 2 might be announced sometime in the future. Also, so far, the show has earned mixed reviews, which is also a factor in determining season 2. Most successful shows get a season 2, so we can have similar hopes for Kathmandu Connection.

Expectations from Season 2

Season 1 ended on a very striking cliffhanger. We saw a lot of drama in the series, and also some questions were left unanswered. Fans hope that they would see all answers in season 2. Also, season 1 had a few loopholes, so chances 1 season 2 will be a better-made version. Fans hope that they would see what becomes of Samarth Kaushik and what consequences would he face? If you haven’t watched season 1, stream it on SonyLiv. You can watch the trailer below:

Previously on Season 1

The show is made on real-life events surrounding don Bablu Srivastava. The series captures the events surrounding the 1993 bomb blasts and dwells deeper into an investigation. All clues and mysteries with the murder of an officer and other crimes lead to Kathmandu. The show depicts Officer Kaushik struggling to maintain his status in the aftermath.

In the series, we saw Sunny returning from Hong Kong and saying that his actions are because of his love for Shivani. Later, viewers realize that he did all of this to frame Samarth. Now a fan favorite, Samarth is troubled, and fans would love to see his reaction to the recent events.