What Future Does ‘The Order’ Has Post Cancellation?? Do We Expect Season 3??

Season 2 of The Order streamed on Netflix in the 2020 summers, but the future seemed bleak for The Order not long after its Season 2 release. On November 14th, 2020, Netflix declared the cancellation of The Order Season 3. The news left all of the fans and us with a heavy heart and a series of unanswered mysteries tangled in the storylines the two seasons offered. Let us discuss What Future Does ‘The Order’ Has Post Cancellation and Do We Expect Season 3??

What Future Does ‘The Order’ Has Post Cancellation?? Do We Expect Season 3??

What is ‘The Order’ about?

‘The Order’ is a Horror Drama Series whose First Season dropped during March 2019, and honestly, The Order didn’t ignite much of the expectation amongst us, but once the series was renewed for a Season 2 in June 2022, it exceeded all our expectations and set new benchmarks. Realistically speaking, we shouldn’t have underestimated the series as the primary viewers are teens who undeniably adore such supernatural dramas.

The story of The Order surfaces with a college student called Jack Morton, who has joined a secret society named The Blue Rose’s Hermetic Order, believing it is an ordinary organization that’ll help in learning networks. His beliefs soon take a back seat when he realizes that the secret society is, in turn, filled with magicians who teach and practice magic. This interests him more, and as he dugs deep into the organization, he is startled to learn secrets from his family history. Soon he finds himself battling with werewolves and witches as he attempts to take revenge for his mother’s death.

How Did Season 1 And 2 Do?

With ten episodes each, the two seasons gained quite a good popularity, and fans, scoring a 100% on Tomatometer and an average audience score of 73%. Regardless of its success and splendid fan crowd, Netflix declined to renew the show for the third season, and we have certain speculations as to why that may be the case.

Why Was ‘The Order’ Season 3 Cancelled?

As we all know, the last two years have had a major spinning of schedules and releases due to the COVID Pandemic. We have experienced delays in filming, cancellation of shows, etc., one of the victims being The Society. Fans feared the order might as well follow suit, and sadly, it did.

The one evident reason for the cancellation might be that the series did not become prominent enough in terms of views soon enough, as expected by the streamers. Therefore Netflix might not have considered this worthy of its time.

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How And When Did We Come To Know Of The Cancellation?

In October 2020, some sources guarded us to many of the essential props of the show being put up at the auction. This is often a red signal for shows and indicates a jeopardous future.

Speeding up to November 2020, when one of the screenwriters, Dennis Heaton, took to Twitter to confirm what most of the fans had already suspected by now, Season 2 of the order would not be happening. his tweet was-

Heaton also posted another tweet as a consolation to fans stating where the story could have headed next?

What Future Does ‘The Order’ Has Post Cancellation?

We have learned about some of the fan projects that are attempting to bring the show back, and we are not surprised by the fact that Heaton encouraged this. This was made clear from his bio, which said, “Cancelling The Order wasn’t my decision. Contact Netflix.”

A petition has also been circulated by fans, which has gained 10,000 plus signatures as I write this.

We see that fans will probably have just to maintain hope and enjoy what is already there. And who knows, probably an ancient spell from the dark magic will stir up the minds of Netflix to review their decision on season 3 of ‘The Order’!

However, for a re-watch, Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘The Order’ are all yours to stream on Netflix now!

What answers did we want from season 3?

The climactic finale of Season Two left us with several questions looking forward to what could have happened in Season 3, some of which are- Can Jack save Alyssa? Will she be possessed? Is she dead? Will Vera take her magic back from Alyssa? Will Gabrielle escape the midnight clutches? Can Lilith return to hell?

What Future Does ‘The Order’ Has Post Cancellation?? Do We Expect Season 3??

I am sure you have some other questions in your head, do not forget to pen them down below in the comments. Did we give you all the information you needed on What Future Does ‘The Order’ Has Post Cancellation and Do We Expect Season 3? We hope we did! Also, would you want a season 3 for the order on Netflix? Let’s discuss this below.

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