WandaVision Episode 3 Release Updates

For all the fans of Wandavision, are you waiting for the latest updates regarding the upcoming episodes of Wandavision? If this is the case, then your wait shall get over as in this article, we will tell you the release updates regarding the upcoming 3rd Episode of Wandavision. So let’s get into it.

Wandavision is one of the latest hit produced by Marvel’s Studios. Marvel has always been known for its different superhero films and series. As it has got highly famous just by producing a great number of Superheroes, therefore, it has produced only a fewer number of series at Disney plus.

Great appreciations to this pandemic, which has led the Marvel franchise to think about the television series that can run on Disney plus screen and among them WandaVision has come forward adding great flavour in the Marvel franchise.

Release Updates of Wandavision Episode 3

It’s been a long time since Wandavision was announced to come up with its nine superhit episodes. Still, the first and second episode of Wandavision has been scheduled to release on January 15, 2021.

The third episode of Wandavision is scheduled to release on January 22, 2021. It will air at midnight Pacific Time in the United States of Kingdom. At 3 am ET it is scheduled to launch in the US, at 8 am the show is scheduled to launch in the United Kingdom, at 1:30 pm, the show is scheduled to launch in India and at 7 pm in Syndey, Australia.

Stay tuned to get more information about the upcoming 3rd episode of Wandavision.

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