Sex Education Season 3: Everything Netflix’s Teen Drama Has To Offer This New Season

Sex Education is returning to Netflix for season 3, and we have got everything you need to know about the season. Netflix has already created a huge hype and released a steaming hot trailer. Sex Education season three release date is 17th September 2021, with all eight episodes dropping on Netflix.

Seasons one and two premiered on the platform in January – 2019 and 2020. Thanks to the complex last year we’ve all suffered through, the third instalment of the series began filming later than initially planned. On 9th September 2020, Netflix announced that season three of Sex Education was now officially in production.

Previously on Sex Education

Here to help jog your memory ahead of Season 3 and remind you about everything that happened in Season 2 are best friends Eric Effiong (Ncuti Gatwa) and Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield).

For starters, there was some mum drama. Who could forget Otis walking in on his mum in flagrant on the sofa? And Maeve’s mum came back onto the scene.

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Maeve told Otis she had feelings for him. Eric told Owen to “wash your hands, you dirty pig”.  It was the most iconic thing ever. Otis gave an evil speech while drunk at his out-of-control house party. And his whole unqualified sex advice racket got rumbled by his mum. Meanwhile, Jean found out she was pregnant. And Maeve found out she was a quiz champion.

There was plenty of sex, plenty of kissing, and one deleted voicemail that left us on a bit of a cliffhanger.

Sex Education SEASON 3
Sex Education Season 3
Image: Netflix

Sex Education still deals in teen stereotypes – the mean girl, the kook, the rebel outcast and the gay best friend are tropes that go back decades. The difference here is that the so-called supporting cast members get to take turns in the spotlight and are allowed to be three-dimensional. Viewers are also required to overlook the fact that several of the school-age protagonists are, in real life, just a few years shy of 30 – but no matter. The series remains cringingly honest and engagingly heartfelt in its third outing, with just the right amount of pathos and the occasional outrageous sight gag.

That is all for now, we eagerly wait for season 3 for Sex Education. We promise to be back with more updates soon, until then Stay Safe.