Ivy + Bean Feature Film Adaptaion In Process At Netflix! All The Reasons To Be Excited About!

As an attempt to expand its horizon in the kids’ series genre, Netflix is choosing the most wonderful projects to work on and serve to its cute little audience. For all those of you who are fans of Ivy + Bean or are even interested in children’s books and shows, this article is not the one you would want to miss out on.

Who’s helming the project?

The book series Ivy and Bean is written by Annie Barrows, who has also contributed to the adult novels genre with “The Truth According To Us” and “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which was also later adapted into a movie. Annie Barrows has also contributed to children’s literature with more masterpieces like The Magic Half, The Magic In The Mix etc.

Ivy and Bean book series is an absolutely adorable kids’ novel collection. Furthermore, with Netflix choosing to adapt it as a feature film and Kathy Waugh being roped in as the writer of the movie, this project is going to up Netflix’s game in kid’s genre.

Annie Barrows
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Kindle Entertainment, who is also producing Netflix projects like The A List and Kiss Me First, will be producing the feature film.

Ivy + Bean On Netflix: All The Major Details So Far

The most important question that pops in here is, will it be a live-action movie or an animated movie? Well, there’s no official statement that specifies the exact format of the movie yet. However, as per reports there’s a high probability that it’s going to be a live-action movie. This information seems more believable with the fact that the other projects by Kindle entertainment have also been announced under live-action titles.

Ivy + Bean feature film production and future

The production for the feature film is most likely to begin in Summer 2021 as per the official report.

Talking about the future of this project, since Ivy and Bean novels were released in the form of book series, there is ample room for the feature film to have multiple sequels after the first film releases. Ivy + Bean series had a total of 11 books in its basket, so there’s no way that the creators won’t have a scope for more. Having said that, it’s going to be very important that the viewers receive it well so that Netflix can plan on giving out more Ivy and Bean movies.

Where to set your expectations for Netflix’s Ivy + Bean?

As per the logline of the film, here’s what you can expect:

“When 7 year old Ivy moves into the neighborhood, 7 year old Bean at first thinks that they will never be friends. But oh boy was she wrong! Ivy turns out to be the best friend that anyone could ever have. They are united in having wildly over-active imaginations and a dual chemistry. When Bean learns that Ivy is a witch-in-training, they team up to cast a spell on Bean’s mean older sister, Nancy, that will make Nancy dance forever.”

This looks as interesting as the original book series, doesn’t it? Well, let’s wait for the film to come out and see if Netflix succeeds to impress the little ones with it’s very initial kids’ content!