Friends Reunion: Filming comes to an end: Its finally happening!

Cast members uniting and filming again are always looked forward to. So what happens when news about one of the most popular sitcoms filming a new episode is released? Yes, you are reading this right … We can soon expect the release of a Friends reunion. After numerous years and rumours about this happening, HBO Max released information regarding the release of this reunion and have also posted pictures of the set and of the last day of filming!

So what do we know about the Friends reunion?

Given the reunion was just finished filming, it may take a few more weeks to be released. The creators are yet to give us an exact date, but hopefully we will get more information soon.

To clear up any confusion, this special episode will not be a new episode of the show. The actors will not be playing their characters or re-enacting a script. Instead, they will attend this as themselves and talk about their experiences throughout the show. Whether it is about the filming or the friendships they developed, we will get more of an insight on what actually happened behind the scenes of this iconic show!

What is Friends about?

Friends was released originally in 1994 and lasted for a full 10 years. The show finally came to an end in 2004 and it was hard to let go of the characters. The show revolved around six friends Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, Ross and Phoebe and their lives in Manhattan. Each episode had a different storyline and was around 22-24 minutes each.

The sitcom garnered large amounts of attention after it was released and many watch it to this day. No wonder the reunion was so sorted after!

You can watch the show on Netflix!

Friends Reunion: Extra Information!

The Friends Reunion was originally supposed to be filmed a while ago but was delayed due to the pandemic. Episodes are filmed in front of a live studio audience but due to the pandemic, this was quite difficult and unsafe.

The reunion episode was filmed in the same place at the original sounds studio in Burbank California.

Here is a short trailer you can watch that was released by the studio:

It definitely feels like we are back exactly where we started. Are you as excited as we are?

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