Everything You Need To Know About Ragnarok Season 2

Good news for all Ragnarok fans! Ragnarok is back with another thrilling season. So, Hang on for a lil while to get all the exciting updates on Ragnarok Season 2.

Ragnarok is a superhero fantasy drama inspired by Norse Mythology and loved among the fans for its amazing plot. The show has only dropped its first season previous year and everyone is already grasping at straws for the next seasons. No matter what the critics might think the show is doing well on its own from the very first season.

Ragnarok Season 2: When will it air?

Ragnarok was set to release on January 2020 but now due to unforeseen conditions which halted every exciting news from the entertainment industry, we might have to wait a little longer for the next season to show up. For now, all we expect is Ragnarok to arrive by the end of 2021.

Who will star in the second season?

The star cast of second season might include:

We might get to see some fresh faces in the next season. However, their identity is still not known to us

Ragnarok season 2 plot: What will happen in the second season?

The first season of Ragnarok ended on a major cliffhanger where we do not even know if Vidar is alive. Considering the lightning summoned by Magne to fight back. It seems nearly impossible for Vidar to live. In the last episode of season 1 Vidar and Magne got into a huge fight after which Magne summoned lightning to end Vidar and the fight.

Ragnarok Season could focus on Magne’s struggle to rise back in power for good which might actually begin from Magne to end those giants, developing celestial heritage at the same time.


Rumours of Laurits being the actual Loki is also making the rounds. Well, Ragnarok do need a strong villain for the upcoming season and who could play bad better than him?

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