Close Enough: Premieres Season 2 and gets renewed for Season 3

HBO Max’s Close Enough premiered its season 2 on the 25th of February, 2021, and has already been confirmed for a third season. Bill Oakley, the head writer and producer, confirmed the 3rd season himself through his tweet.


The second season consisted of eight episodes – each 22 – 24 minutes long – so we can expect the third season to follow its footsteps. As the second season just came to an end, no official date of when the 3rd season will premiere has been announced.

To view Close Enough Season 1, you can access Netflix.

You can also watch the trailer for Season 2 here.

What is the show about?

Close Enough is an adult animated series that centers around two characters, a couple, Josh and Emily. It showcases the numerous challenges one has to overcome as they switch from their ‘reckless’ twenties to a more complicated thirties. The two main characters of the series also live with their best friends, who are a divorced couple and an elderly retired policewoman named Pearle and her adopted son.

The series does an excellent job in portraying everyday problems such as dealing with parenthood, aging, friendship, and other aspects. Doing this in a comical manner allows the audience to connect with the characters and the show on a more personal level. Due to this, the show has garnered positive views and quite the popularity, which has led to its renewal.

Close Enough
Close Enough

Spoilers for Close Enough Season 3

The announcement of Close Enough season 3 came with the premiere of season 2.
Hence, there is not much information on the new season. The viewers can expect the same characters and a similar, comical plotline for the upcoming season. We can expect more insight into the main characters’ lives and see how they tackle their various problems through bizarre decisions and methods.

Even though the fans are excited for the renewal of season 3, they must wait till the show releases more information regarding its release.