Tōshinki G’s Flame: A New Anime To Premiere Soon!

Tōshinki G’s Flame, a new anime, is on its way to becoming one of the top animes of 2021. Fans of anime are eagerly anticipating the premiere of this new anime. It is scheduled to premiere soon. The anime is based on a science-fiction story. Those who enjoy this genre are becoming increasingly impatient.

When Will Be The Premiere Of Tōshinki G’s Flame?

Toushinki G’s Flame, the original animation, is set to premiere on Japanese television on October 12th. As of the date mentioned, the series will air on the Tokyo MX and BS NTV channels. No platform other than that has declared its release for now. The animation is also named Flame of the Divine Fighting Machine G. All fans anticipate it with bated breath, and it is expected to be a highly addictive one.



Tōshinki G’s Flame is a science fiction story. The story takes place at the end of the twenty-first century in a world overtaken by nergals. Humans have been able to populate space thanks to the economic revolution. However, when an expedition gets to Pluto, they are attacked by a mysterious, enormous lifeform known as “Nergal.” Nergals are giant extraterrestrial life forms. Reika Minamiya joins the Anti-Nergal AG squad searching for her missing older sister. She becomes the pilot of “G’s Flame,” an ancient humanoid robot. However, as he grows older, he overcomes his fears and uncertainties with the help of his fellow recruits.

Cast Of Tōshinki G’s Flame!

The new anime Tōshinki G’s Flame will have a new cast. Rie Takahashi will potray Reika Minamiya, Aya suzuki as Luna Mariano Perez Lupiano and Hiromi Igarashi as Echna Hakim. Kaori-Ishihara as Jotis Pearl, Arisa nakada as Eyre and Ayana Taketatsu as Reiu Minamiya.

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Also, Hisayoshi Hirasawa is in charge of the audio. While Toshiki Kameyama is in charge of the dialogue recording. The soundtrack is being composed by Narita and ISAO. The entire Tōshinki G’s Flame crew is praying for the anime to be a success, which it will undoubtedly be, according to the fans. The anime will undoubtedly rule 2021.