Tora To Mike, Two Cats Running A Restaurant Getting Its Own Anime Series Soon!

Let me guess, not a lot of you have heard of the world’s cutest manga Tora To Mike. A story that is quite simply made to cure an ailing soul’s depression. With lovable and funny characters sitting in a Restaurant just discussing and going on about their lives, two adorable cats offer them delicious food, a much-needed drink, and a place to quiet their senses down.

As you might have noticed, the latest trend of having animal protagonists has been working quite well, giving Tora To Mike a much-desired chance to show the world what it’s made of. With shows like Beastars and the steamy manga Mori no Kuma-San also getting an anime of its own, it’s not surprising for us that Tora To Mike is now also making its debut on the big screen!

The simplicity of the show and the cuteness is exactly what this pandemic-ridden stay-at-home world needs, and you’ll agree even more once you give the anime a real shot. The anime, produced by Charaction, will release a short anime of 24 episodes, which will begin premiering on the 5th of august. Although the episodes will be launched on their official Twitter account, we are hopeful that Crunchyroll might also buy its licensing rights, giving our readers a much-needed variety in streaming platforms.

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As mentioned before, the show’s story revolves around two cat sisters Tora and Mike, running a restaurant or a doteni shop in Nagoya. While the elder sister Tora manages the shop’s finances, her little sister Mike deals with all the cooking, preparing delicious meals to serve her customers, helping them get rid of their stress-prone lives. This daily banter and association with various customers and the comical moments is what makes Tora To Mike a perfect anime to watch when you’re free.

Make sure to fill this animes deliciousness and keep checking out our posts to follow up on this amazing story. Also, the show’s release date might vary according to the streaming platforms you’re referring to. Not to mention with the current pandemic raging across the world, there are some chances of the series getting a bit delayed. Therefore, to our readers, be safe and keep following our posts to know about the latest releases in the anime and manga worlds.