Tonikawa: Fly Me To The Moon Releases An Exciting New OVA Episode!

Let’s be honest here, for all the single people out there, Shoujo animes suck. Why? Because they increase our standards soo much! In this fast world with rapidly moving earth and people, it becomes really hard for us single folks out there to find an anime character to love. With their innocent smiles and sweet but romantic gestures, these love-filled animes literally create a million Doki-Doki moments per second. However, for our readers who have watched Tonikawa: Fly Me To The Moon, it becomes pretty clear that this lady killer definitely takes the cake.

The beautiful plot of  Tonikawa: Fly Me To The Moon revolving around a young high schooler (obviously) Nasa Yuzaki, who after spotting a beautiful girl at the bus station, gets hit by a truck! That’s right, no matter where you are and what you’re doing, truck-Kun will come to your doorstep to do its job, that is to hit you when you least expect it. Anyways, jokes aside, after Nasa gets hit by the truck, he is somehow miraculously saved by this beautiful girl standing in front of him.

Image: Crunchyroll

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After nearly dying in front of her Nasa, saying YOLO confesses his love at first sight for her, asking the beautiful girl whose name is revealed to be Tsukasa Tsukuyomi to become his girlfriend. Tsukasa much to his surprise agrees, on one condition, that he must marry her first. To which this young high schooler soo deeply in love agrees! However, just when Nasa was all ready to quit his high school and enter his married life, Tsukasa disappears, only to arrive at his doorstep when he turns 18 with a marriage license and a promise.

As interesting and amazing as this plot sounds, I think every viewer of the show will agree with me on this that 12 episodes were nowhere near enough to quench our thirst for this strange and beautiful love story. Not only is it quite odd and comical, but the way that it has been portrayed is really what seals the deal for me. Therefore, seeing how fans were gaga over the love story of Nasa and Tsukasa, the studio of the anime released a trailer of the OVA episode, delving deeper into the married life of Nasa and Tsukasa! The OVA will highlight the separation of the couple, for the first time in the series when Nasa has to work and Tsukasa has to stay behind and wait for him, a task which turned out to be a lot more challenging for her than she had imagined! Make sure to keep your subscriptions ready because the brand new OVA episode of Tonikawa: Fly Me To The Moon is now available on Crunchyroll.