The Weekly Shōnen Jump New Issue Gets Delayed This Week

Every anime or manga lover has probably definitely heard the name of “The Weekly Shōnen Jump.” A magazine that is, as its name suggests, a haven for manga artists publishing their shounen stories. As we all know, the well-known magazine for over 50 years now has been continuously giving its audience the taste of some of the best shounen stories ever to be written which includes the well-known names like  Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen, a brand new story making a huge uproar with its new chapters.

Therefore, with a name and reputation as big as The Weekly Shōnen Jump, it is no surprise that the people and the publishers working behind the scenes have to always deliver their content on time, every time. Not to mention, the Japanese culture is known for its superb work ethic and punctuality. Therefore large enterprises rarely ever let any delay tarnish their reputation.


Similarly, for the past 5 decades, there have been very few instances when the magazine has faced issues that might cause a delay in its release schedule. However, from the looks of it, that is exactly what will take place this week. As we all know, a new issue of The Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine releases every week, with new chapters and exciting stories. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the magazine’s latest print will be hitting the shelves a day later.

So, the brand new chapters of your favorite artists being published in the magazine now will reach you a day later than you expected, and will hit the shelves on Monday instead of the usual Sundays, however only for this week. Although the reason for this delay hasn’t quite been stated as of yet, I think we can all agree that a day’s delay will hardly make any difference, to some anyway.

However, our readers who had freed up their Sundays just so they could get a chance to read their favorite mangas on their day off might have to face a bit of disappointment this week. Therefore, to all the Sheldon Coopers out there who are crazy about their punctual routines, we would like to suggest that they remain absolutely calm and be decent about it. I mean, the magazine is being run by humans after all, Not Gods! So, I think in its 53 year-long run, The Weekly Shōnen Jump can afford to make a slight delay, Don’t You Think?

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