The Vampire Dies in No Time Anime Coming Out This Fall

Vampires, the supernatural beings that have been terrifying their audience since the release of one of the most brilliant supernatural horror stories ever written, Bram Stoker’s  The Dracula. However, as we all know, Hollywood has played a huge role in personifying these terrifying supernatural beings into beautiful, cold-blooded people who tend to fall for humans a lot (Talk about issues!). Not to mention, with almost 100 different spin-offs on the same character, it’s tough to remember exactly what vampires actually are.

However, in almost every adaptation, these magical non-human beings are shown to have extreme strengths and powers with only 3 major weaknesses, the sunlight, a wooden stake to the heart, and, as simple as it may sound, garlic. To be really honest, these nearly invincible beings have only one weakness, love. Now, as romantic and cheesy as this sounds, there is one story coming this October that will change all of these superficial views about vampires that the viewers might possess.

The Vampire Dies In No Time is an anime that will completely make you forget the likes of Edward Cullen and is all ready to show you the true face behind the vampires. As its name already suggests, the protagonist of the series is a vampire named lord Draluc. All lord Draluc ever really wanted was to enjoy his online games peacefully in his mid-victorian castle, not much to ask? He wasn’t terrifying anyone, wasn’t chasing the damsels in distress only to suck the blood out of their souls. All Draluc was doing was minding his own business.


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However, his life is soon changed when his lovely home and castle are destroyed, and now Draluc must partner up with none other than Van Helsing or a Dracula hunter himself to live on with his life. So? what makes The Vampire Dies in No Time so special? The thing that makes this anime special is how aptly it is named. The series is literally based on a timid vampire who, even at the slightest of shock, dies instantly, turning into ash and dust, only to be reborn again with the same personality. Seeing how weak he truly is, it comes as no surprise that a vampire hunter himself decided to take care of this homeless and harmless vampire.

Now together, both of these characters must find a way to survive different atrocities making sure that Draluc dies as little as possible. This hilarious plot is going to be even more hilarious when it hits the screens. Therefore, make sure to keep your calendars and Crunchyroll premium subscriptions in check because The Vampire Dies In No Time will make its debut on the 4th of October 2021!