The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. Will It Ever Return? Here’s What We Know

I think anyone who has watched or read the series The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. will undoubtedly agree that it is by far one of the best comedy anime ever made! The genius plot, the hilarious characters, and watching our overpowered protagonist trying his best to live a peaceful life, only to fail miserably is what gives the series an extra edge over the others.

The story of the show revolves around the life of Saiki Kusuo a genius high-schooler born with super-human psychic abilities that not only make him the most powerful living being on the planet but also give him various abilities like, telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, super-human strength, invisibility, clairvoyance and many more!

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However, no matter how hard he tries Saiki always ends up drawing far too much attention than he would like, mostly because of his friends, the kind-hearted idiot Nendou, the high schooler with the 8th-grade syndrome living in a fantasy world and always spouting nonsense – Kaidou and the former Yankee Aren. Together all four of them including various troublesome transfer students and fan-girls make sure that Saiki’s life is never boring.

However, as much as we loved watching the shenanigans of our beloved characters and seeing one hilarious plot after another, the fans of the series were unfortunately left broken-hearted when the series ended on what can be termed as a “cliff-hanger”. Our readers who have not watched the series should skip over this part in order to avoid any spoilers. Now, Moving on!

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In The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. The Final Arc, a 48-minute special episode showcased that our beloved Protagonist Saiki Kusuo decides to get rid of his psychic abilities after saving the world from the planet ending volcanic eruption and finally ending the four-year time-loop that he had created. After saving the world and getting rid of his powers by a special instrument that his brother had created, Saiki assembles all of his friends to confess about his powers only to be startled by a cockroach and breaking a nearby window with his supposed lost powers, prompting the viewers that maybe he still has some of his abilities left.

In the final season of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K: Reawakening we saw that Saiki slowly but steadily begins to regain his lost powers, and finally comes to terms with them, and launches himself into space to save the world from yet another apocalyptic event, a planet-destroying meteor.

The final episode ends here on the final chapter of the manga and ever since then the fans of the series can’t help but hide their disappointment! I mean, after all, every fan wanted to see whether Chiyo would be able to confess to Kaidou and whether Saiki would be able to destroy the meteor (pretty obviously). However, the no.1 reason why the fans were left so broken-hearted was simply that WE WANTED TO SEE MORE!


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As we all know the series doesn’t really follow a generalized plot and mainly focuses on the daily events of Saiki’s life, however, it was these general hilarious stories that sometimes made absolutely no sense which made the series so darn fun to watch. This fact can be further proven by the show’s rating, getting a whopping 8.4/10 from IMDB and an 8.7/10 from MyAnimeList.

However, the biggest question is – Will The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. ever come back? Given how the series ended exactly on the manga’s last chapter and that no new chapter has been published since 2018, the chances of Psychic Saiki Kusuo coming back to put smiles on our faces once again, unfortunately, look pretty slim. But, as avid fans of anime and manga, we must never lose hope!

If you haven’t watched the amazing life of Saiki Kusuo and his extremely funny adventures then watch them now only on Netflix.




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