Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 347 Recap And Release Date:

The ongoing manhua series Tales Of Demons And Gods is written by Mad Snail. It’s based on Mad Snail’s light novel with the same name. Tales of Demons and Gods and has been running for six years, and it doesn’t seem near. The publishing of each new chapter used to be one month long, but now it’s a weekly release. Chapter 346 was released on September 23rd. Let’s find out when the next chapter will be released and more about it.

Tales of Demons And Gods Plot:

The story revolves around a character named Nie Li. who gets teleported back to his body thirteen years before his death. Nie Li was killed by Emperor Sage and had to see a bloody massacre of his loved ones. Since he got teleported back to his early ages, he’s now able to change the course for the future. Nie Li starts building himself with his vast knowledge of the end to save his loved ones and avenge his death by the Emperor Sage. Tales of Demons And Gods shows how the protagonist is transitioning from the weakest to the strongest one.

Nie Li (Image: DeviantArt)

With his knowledge about most of the things discovered in the future, he quickly starts progressing. He cultivates the most efficient cultivation technique, wields the most vital demon spirits, and learns magic spells that aren’t even discovered. In the Tales of Demons and Gods protagonist, Nie Li, aspires to become the King of Gods that dominates everything.

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Previously on Chapter 346 of Tales of Demons And Gods:

Chapter 346 shows Nie Li trying to decipher a complex Dao intent. Nie Li soon realizes that the Dao intent is different from any other scrolls. The Dao intent contains Myriads Miles and Mountains with special magic protecting it from getting deciphered. Nie Li sees this as a challenge and soon finds a way to deal with it. He pulls out a paper that is precise of the exact dimensions as the intent. Tales of Demons And Gods shows Nie Li as a character who’d face any challenge.

What Does Nie Li Do With The Painting?


Nie Li starts painting the exact match of the Dao intent. The paper he’d paint on is floating in the air when he starts using brushes to paint over it. He can make an exact copy of the intent. Though he’s successful, the piece of paper is only still a painting. Nie Li lays numerous layers of pattern locks on the copy. The outer layer being Myriad Spiritual Lock. Tales of Demons and Gods always show us how curious and competitive Nie Li is. He makes a replica of the Myriad Miles And Mountains and starts deciphering the original content wholly.

Chapter 347 Release Date:

Chapter 347 of the Tales of Demons and Gods would hopefully reveal what the painting contained and is all set to get released on September 27th, 2021.