Super Nintendo World Japan: Donkey Kong Extension

The Mario-based theme park is going to get a Donkey Kong Extension in Japan. Super Nintendo World is like a Nintendo theme park similar to Disney’s Disney Land. However, which was wholly focused on Mario. The official website announced this news on Tuesday. We can say that it is an excellent announcement for the Donkey Kong fans. So let’s get into other details.

Super Nintendo World And Universal Studios

Nintendo signed a partnership with Universal Studios to get into the theme park market. As such, Universal Studios handed over most of the construction work. This deal was first announced in May 2015. Things have only progressed since then. The Super Nintendo World theme parks will be located near Universal Studios around the World. Hence, the one in Japan is located near Universal Studios Japan. The first construction began in early 2017 near Japan’s Studio. However, the grand opening took place on March 18th, 2021. This delay occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Super Nintendo World Around The Globe

Universal Studios has planned to launch theme parks around the world. Singapore, Florida, and Hollywood are at the top of the list. Since the pandemic has disturbed many plans, a significant delay has occurred. Super Nintendo World theme park was released in Universal’s Orlando resort in 2023, but because of the pandemic, the plan has shifted to 2025. The same has happened for Universal Studios Singapore, which will be opened in the same year.

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Super Nintendo World Japan

The theme park in Japan is located at the northern end of Universal Studios. It’s west to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and south to Ivano Studios Center. Japan’s Super Nintendo theme park is a hub for Mario Fans. After all, the theme park only has Mario stalls and Food Centers.


The Japan Extension includes rides like:

  1. Mario Kart- Koopa’s Challenge: This is a fun dark-ride attraction based on the Mario Kart franchise.
  2. Yoshi’s Adventure: A lovable omnimover ride featuring Yoshi. It’s constructed for kids. After all, children love Yoshi.
  3. Power Up Band Key Challenges: A fun treasure-hunting adventure game that results in defeating Browser Jr.

Donkey Kong Extension

The Donkey Kong Extension will be a great addition to Super Nintendo World Japan. The Expansion will open in 2024, and it will be named “Donkey Kong is born.” Since there have been no roller coasters in the park, the new Donkey Kong Extension will include them. The extension will also include an interactive character experience and a Donkey Kong-themed food stall. We hope this will be an excellent addition for the fans as Donkey Kong has been one of the most incredible childhood memories.