Slow Loop Anime To Premiere In January 2022!

Slow Loop is a manga series that is about recreational fishing in Japan. In January 2022, Connect will release an anime television series adaption. If you enjoyed the Laid-Back Camp anime series, you would enjoy this one as well. It is one of the most popular and praised manga series in recent years, and its plot and illustrations have received appreciation.

When Will Be The Premiere Of Slow Loop Anime?

Slow Loop is the anime for you if you are into meaningful animation with many teary eye moments. With an adorable PV depicting protagonist Hiyori and Koharu’s everyday life, the Slow Loop anime series has confirmed its January 7, 2022 premiere. Also, if you’re a sucker for anime with cute girls doing sweet things, Slow Loop should be at the top of your list of Must See Anime Series in 2022. Following the announcement, fans are ecstatic as they will finally be able to see their favorite characters turn into animation after a four-year wait.



The tale of a slow loop revolves around Hiyori. She is a little girl who was taught everything she knows about fishing by her late father. Hiyori walks out alone one day to reminisce about her father’s memories. Also, to enjoy what he taught her when he was still alive, to find some peace as well as some “me” time. However, she is shocked to meet another girl called Koharu amid the ocean.

Both girls are in disbelief after stumbling across each other amid the ocean. The girls spend some time fishing and cooking together while also getting to know each other better. Hiyori explains to Koharu that she floated to the sea alone because she was excited to meet her new family that evening. What a coincidence that Koharu was also meeting her new family tonight. The plot of Slow Loop will concentrate on Hiyori and Koharu‘s difficult family life, as they are now technically sisters!

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Slow Loop Anime Revealed PV!

The video gives a few views into the personality of the characters and some humorous anime moments. Hiyori, Koharu, and Koi go fishing in a fall environment. While their pals prepare meals for the camping trip.

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