Shine Post Idol Anime Releasing Next Year!

Shine Post is a new Japanese light novel series that came out recently. Rakuda is the author of the novel. The anime industry continues to prosper worldwide, and next year is shaping up to be a busy one for the medium. Therefore, next year, an anime adaptation will be released based on the novel Shine Post and Otakus worldwide are eagerly anticipating its release.

When Will Be The Premiere Of Shine Post Idol Anime?

The year 2021 has been jam-packed with exciting new anime releases and news. Konami Digital Entertainment and Straight Edge have announced a new anime based on the light novel Shine Post on October 26, 2021. The premiere will take place in the summer of 2022. However, the exact release date hasn’t been confirmed yet. But, fans are already anticipating its arrival. This anime is projected to be at the top of the list for anime fans who keep track of upcoming new anime with the latest trends.


How Did Fans React To The Announcement?

Recently, a trailer and music video for the anime Shine post was revealed. There’s no denying that the anime’s popularity has been boosted by the music video. The animations and background music in both videos have received a lot of positive feedback from fans. Also, anime fans judge a new anime depending on its animation and music. Shine Post has done well in both departments. However, little information regarding the anime has been released.


Choosing the cast and crew for an anime is a challenging task as only that determines the story’s outcome. The cast of the anime was revealed recently.  Therefore, Sayumi Suzushiro is cast as Haru Nabatame and Moeko Kanisawa as Kyoka Tamaki. Rio Seibu as Yuko Natsuyoshi. Rimo Hasegawa as Yukine Gionji, and Momiji Itou is played by Rika Nakagawa. All of the characters depicted in the trailer have received a lot of appreciation.

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More About Shine Post!

On October 8, Kadokawa’s seal Dengeki Bunko released the first volume of Shine post-light novels. The TiNgS idol unit and their uninspired manager are the subjects of the light novel, illustrated by Buriki. Also, the multimedia project includes anime adaptations, live concerts, and video game production, among other things. Konami Digital Entertainment will handle the computer game.

In contrast, a manga adaptation will be released in the magazine Monthly comic life. However, the release date shall be announced soon!

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